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 Buy Now Pay Later

         Avoid Waiting!! Purchase Now. Enjoy instant credit for your purchases which you can repay later. BuildersMART comes up with this idea of Buyers Credit to make things easier and to provide you with effective and convenient services. Sometimes it’s difficult to buy the materials all at a time because of insufficient money and that leads us to delay our construction process. Mostly in constructions, this type of scenario is seen more often due to fluctuations in material prices. 

Now, it’s time for you to keep aside all these worries and start acting choosing BuildersMART for purchasing all types of construction materials. We have been excelling in this industry for the past two years and have been trusted by many construction companies and builders for procuring materials. Knowing all the difficulties while purchasing materials, we come forward to offer you credit to purchase materials instantly and pay later according to your convenience. Repay the amount within two to four weeks to avoid extra charges and if you want to prolong the duration of the repayment, you can also opt that according to your requirement.

Buy Now Pay Later

Benefits of Choosing Credit:

- Pay after delivery.

- Avoid waiting.

- Get you materials instantly.

- Great for unexpected purchases.

- Avoid interests by paying within the repayment period.

To avail, all these benefits choose Buyers Credit in our payment options. The payment free method applies from the day of order and the interest will apply after the duration of repayment.

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