5 Major Homeowner Challenges while Constructing a House

          In everyone's life having their own house is one of the dreams they want to fulfill in their lives and have many ideas to implement while constructing the way they have a dream of it.

Dreaming is easy, but Reality is not because it's stressful, if you have no idea where to start and what is the first step to begin.

         Building a home is not very easy for anyone even for a builder, because a complicated process is involved in it, and one wrong step can decrease the lifespan of the building and we should be very careful to avoid these steps. These are the main problems faced by an individual:

Design and Planning:

          Before consulting an architect, one should put all his thoughts together to get a brief idea about the project, the way of constructing it within the budget limits. To obtain the design of our priorities gets difficult if we don't find the right person to do it.


Not all architects can imagine themselves in our place to design it according to our views, they can only suggest making some changes, but they cannot completely understand our needs. We need to be more careful while planning as it leads to becoming unsatisfied in the end if we miss out something.


          Approval of building plans is a long process as they involve government and comes under municipal bye-laws. We need to submit many applications for the building plan sanction like for possession, Fresh building plan, Superseded building plan, Site Demarcation, and other permissions from the water supply department, Sewage & Drain department.

Before starting the construction, one should get all the clearance from the local authorities to avoid further interruptions.

Bank loans:

          For every work, the beginning and ending point is money and building a house is the biggest investment in our lives. One should be very careful in analyzing the budget to spend on the project because an insufficient budget leads to many problems in the future as it can stop the project in the middle or it can take much time for completion.

Loan approval

Everyone cannot afford the whole budget needed for construction as we have to approach a bank for home loans. It's difficult to select a bank according to our budget needs as every bank is different in interest rates.

Loan sanction is a time taking process, visiting every bank to know about loan details along with the interest rates, need to provide many documents and provide the surety to make things work out.

Purchasing Materials:

          Self-building becomes hard if we have less idea about the material quality and pricing because we can lose money if we don't know how to purchase them. Nowadays knowing the exact price of the material is getting difficult, as we find every retailer sells it for different prices.

Searching for a right vendor, dealing with them, purchasing material, handling payments, doing all these things by oneself becomes difficult in the end if he misses out something in the meanwhile process.

Finding a contractor:

          Finding a right contractor for your project is not very easy because everyone cannot understand your needs to make it work without any difficulties. Making calls for friends, family, neighbors and asking them for recommendations is a difficult task for us as we need to go through everything by ourselves.

SME Contractors

Searching and choosing from the selected list, making arrangements, explaining the project plans, and finalizing the contract is a long process if you are working alone. If you don't find the right person, then you have to face many problems to get your work done.

 Why opt for BuildersMART Construction Services?

          For everyone, building a home is a challenging process we BuildersMART helps you to construct the house according to your requirements. If you have a site and don't know how to start, then we will help you make it happen.

We have dedicated professionals, who are experts in all the construction procedures help you achieve your dream goal. The services we offer you include the following steps:

Site visit:

          The first step involves site assessment, where we analyze the site with the help of our architects and discuss with you to know about your requirements.

Then our highly skilled architects who possess 15+ years experience in this field come up with the design of your choice before implementing it, and we make sure the design is completely within your budget limits.


          Many doubts get raised when our project is in other hands especially in procuring materials. You don't have to worry if that other hand is ours, because we assure you that we maintain transparency in pricing and quality in materials within your budget level.

The best thing with us is that you can select the brand of your choice in every material from our portal itself, and we update you with all the details of the procurement process that takes place from time to time.


          As we take the complete responsibility on our shoulders, we provide you the best builders who are experts in their work and who can understand your needs.

They are always available on the site premises and follow the work with architects and other workers and discuss with them if there are any changes needed.

The labor who works with us is very skilled, well-mannered and completes the work according to the plan without any delays.


          We also provide you with other services like electrical works, plumbing works, painting works, interior works and we possess highly skilled and expert contractors in their relevant fields.

For every team designing and planning is done according to your needs and we follow every team to make sure everything is on the right track.

Other Benefits

Soil Testing:

          After assessing the site, we send soil for lab tests to make the design of foundation as it plays an important role in the construction process.

Soil Testing

A solid foundation is needed for any building to withstand environmental disasters in the future, for that various soil tests should be done to avoid building stresses.

Borewell Installations:

          We have water experts who help you to find borewell point and install it without any difficulty.

Building Plan Approvals:

       We also make sure that these plan approvals are handled by our team, making your work easier. Required permissions from the water department, electrical department, sewage & drain department and from all needed local authorities get cleared by our team within less span of time.

Bank loan Approval:

           Everything goes as planned if we are eligible for a loan but what if we are not, the problem arises here but you don't have to worry if you are working with us. We make sure everything goes smoothly and these approvals are handled by our team leaving you no headache.

Credit Plans:

Credit Plans

           If purchasing material once at a time is extending your budget level, then you can opt for our credit plans in which you can pay through the credit process.


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Technically Reviewed by Rajesh Pagadala, MS, Founder & CEO - BuildersMart. Written by Vani paspula, Content Manager.