Cost Effective Ways to Ventilate your Home

Ventilation is a significant aspect and a basic necessity in a well-designed house. Houses with poor ventilation can be very stuffy in summer or cold in the winter. Poor ventilation will cause an unhealthy atmosphere where the air gets trapped inside the house. This will eventually lead to the growth of mould that is terrible for both your house and health. Therefore, it is very important to keep a house or any building adequately ventilated. Here are some tips that will help all homebuyers to not only keep the internal environment healthy but also save a lot of money.

Window Height and Design

Big windows allow natural air and lighting inside a house

Homebuyers and those who are planning to upgrade an under-construction house should pay attention to the positioning of their windows. This is very necessary because windows allow natural air to enter inside the complex. An appropriate position for constructing windows would be at the side where air enters and leaves the house. This is most likely the area under high-pressure, which is created when air collides with the building surface. Low-pressure areas are spaces where the air moves around the walls instead of colliding with it.

Homebuyers should also look out for obstacles that may obstruct the flow of air near the building. For example, trees, pillars, structures, etc., can block the movement of air or cause it to move elsewhere. The window size should also be taken into consideration. According to experts, the size of a window should be more than 10% of the floor area.

Mesh Doors

Meshes should be installed over doors and windows to prevent insects,dirt from entering the house while allowing air to circulate

Installing a net over the main door of the house and the windows are the perfect way to keep the house ventilated. It will not only allow the circulation of air but also prevent insects and dirt from entering the premises. Meshes are easily available in the market and even easier to install in place. One should check for the quality of the net before getting it installed around the house.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans circulate air and remove unpleasant odours from inside the house

“Spot Ventilation” is a method that uses exhaust fans draw out air from inside and release it outside the building. The bathrooms and the kitchen inside a residence should have exhaust fans installed in place. Other than circulating air around the house, exhaust fans also remove the unpleasant odour that may reside in an area.


Balconies should be spacious and forward extending especially in high rise buildings

A balcony is an architectural constituent that was designed for homes to draw natural air and lighting inside the building. Ideally, a balcony should be wide and spacious. Small balconies may not be able to draw in enough air into a house thereby defeating the purpose of ventilation. Buildings, especially high-rise buildings should have balconies designed so that they are forward-extending.


Skylights bring natural lighting into the house

Skylights are essentially glass windows on the roof that allow natural light inside a room. Skylights are usually fixed however, they can be attuned to be opened when necessary to allow the air to circulate inside the house.

A skillfully planned house will have a well thought out system that allows air to cross ventilate throughout the house. It is an essential factor for healthy living. On a side note, it is also important to check the doors and frames at regular intervals for any leaks and be addressed immediately.

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