Uses of Solar Energy in Building Construction

     Power is a necessity and the power we pay for is affected by various factors such as demand and supply in the market. By choosing solar power, you add value to a circle of dependent markets.


Most plentiful, accessible, and least expensive power source in the world.
Danny Kennedy

There is a dire need to conserve energy and solar power is a renewable source of energy that can balance out the negative impact we have caused to our planet. Energy from the sun is abundant in nature. Sunlight can be used and replenished whenever required.

Solar power is a brilliant way for houses and commercial buildings to get clean energy from especially since it is a natural and renewable resource. It is definitely going to take over the dependency we have on non-renewable resources for energy such as coal, fuel, etc. Here are the advantages of using solar energy for your building.


Ecofriendly options will soon cease to exist, they will become a necessity

The energy source for your building is most likely coming from a non-renewable source of energy. Once these resources are depleted, there is no way for it to be renewed. On the other hand, solar panels are environment-friendly. Their main source of power comes from the sun which has an excess supply of energy

Easy maintenance

Solar power is of high value and easy maintenance

Solar panels are very easy to maintain. After they are installed, they require almost no maintenance for the next 25-30 years. It is only during the initial phase of installation, that some attention to detail is required.  The only maintenance that is necessary is cleaning off the dust that may get accumulated on the surface of the panels, three to four times a year.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a priority in home improvement work

Once you shift to a natural source to power your building, you automatically unsubscribe from energy companies that charge you for using their services. This way you can save a significant amount of money that may be used for your electricity bill.

However, the initial installation may be expensive. You cannot expect to gain savings right away. When the total amount of money for energy saving bills exceeds the initial cost of installation of the solar panels, you have received that return on investment.

Safe environment

Safety first is safety always

Have you ever noticed the number of electrical wires you can find around a commercial building or your residence? These wires can pose a serious threat to your daily life.  There have been many incidents where people have lost their lives due to faulty wearing. Solar panels, on the other hand, require very less wiring. They can be installed in any location and are often placed in locations where humans don’t pass by often such as roofs. By switching to solar power, you are not only making a good impact on the environment but also keeping your surroundings safe.

Tax benefits

Tax friendly benefactor

Most Governments provide incentives to those who chose to go for solar power. In order to promote the usage of solar energy in the commercial sector, the Government of India is offering a markdown of a fixed asset that is associated with a solar power plant. The current rate of acceleration per year is 40%.

The advantage of accelerated depreciation is that an industrial user can markdown their investment in a solar power plant at a rate that is significantly higher than fixed assets in general. This allows the user to claim the benefits of the tax on the value that was depreciated in a given year.

The growth of technology has made such an impact in our world that it is quite hard to see ourselves without its existence. While most advancements have led to us leading a life of quality, there is growing abuse of knowledge and it is causing a drastic effect on the environment.

By choosing to go for solar power, you are not only leaving a clean impact on the environment, but also creating a new market for energy. The cost of its procurement is easily outweighed by the number of benefits it has that it is not difficult to see it becoming a primary market for energy in the near future.

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