Tips for Floor Maintenance to clean any types of floor

     Maintenance plays a major role to make every component of a building to function properly and also helps to increase the life span of the building.

For a different type of floor, different techniques are used to clean. The preventive measures are explained briefly below:

Terrazzo Floors

     Cleaning of these floors with water should be from 3 months of laying.

After this period, the floor should be swabbed daily using clean water and a clean floor cloth. After the initial cleaning with water, ordinary swabbing shall keep the floor shining.

Oxalic Acid

Sometimes, to make the floor more shining, acid polishing is done with oxalic acid. After this, the floor can be wiped with a moist rag and washed clean with water.

Marble Floors

     For marble floors, daily maintenance is required and should be carried out by mopping with mild detergent in water.

These floors get quickly stained and scarred, and if there is a spill on the floor, quick clean is needed.

Stains should be removed from the floor based on the type. If the stain is from grease, mixtures of chalk dust or whiting with acetone is applied and allow to stand overnight. This mixture is sponged off, and the treated area is buffed the very next day.

Borax Powder

If the type of stain is from any organic source like tea, fruit, juice, etc., chalk powder with hydrogen peroxide paste is used. This paste is also used to remove stains due to rust.

Such type of stains can also be removed by dry borax and damp cloth followed by warm water rinsing.

Linoleum Floors

     For this type of floor, mopping is done using kerosene oil to pick up all the dirt present on the floor. After the elimination of dirt, the floor is wiped with water and well mopped to set a polished surface.

Concrete Floors

     For normal use, the concrete floor should be maintained dust free, and it can be reduced by the application of a hardener, or by waxing, or by painting it with a solution of oil spirit.

The removal of dust can also be done by painting with epoxy, acrylic or chlorinated rubber base.

Chlorinated Rubber Base

Wax polishing with proprietary polish is also popularly used, which is applied on the floor and the surface is sprinkled with French chalk and polished with a dry cloth.

To increase the roughness of the concrete floor, wash the floor with dilute hydrochloric acid and brush it with water after sometime.

Other Floors

     If the floor is of stone type, then it can be maintained by mopping with mild detergent and water at regular intervals.

Ceramic tile floors are easy to maintain than other types. Soap and water can be used to clean the floors, and proper care has to be taken to clean the joints. Stains, if any, may be removed as described in marble floors.


Wooden floors can be cleaned and kept bright by polishing with beeswax or with ready-made wax polish.


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