Types Of Doors, Exterior and Interior doors

Types of Doors:

There are various types of doors used for building entrances. They are:

Battened and Ledged Door:

This door is the simplest and also the cheapest, used in outhouses and temporary buildings. Battens are 100-150 mm and 20 mm thick wooden boards. A set of battens are connected by horizontal planks known as a ledger of size 100 mm x 200 mm and usually three ledges are used, one each at the top, bottom and at mid height.

Battened, Ledged and Braced Door:

This type of doors are wide, apart from using battens, ledges, diagonals are also used known as braces, which are provided to strengthen the door.

Battened, Ledged and Framed Door:

Apart from providing battens, ledges, the shutters of this doors are provided with a framework, consists of two vertical styles and three rails.

Century doors

Framed and Panelled Door:

These doors are the most commonly used doors, which may be single or double shuttered. The shutters consist of styles and rails and are suitably grooved to receive panels, which may be of wood or AC sheets. The may be flat or of a raised type to provide a good attractive appearance.

Glazed Doors:

If the panels are made of glass in a framed or panelled door, it is called a glazed door. They are of two types one is partly glazed and partly panelled, and the other is fully glazed.

Flush Doors:

The shutters of flushed doors are available in various veneer finishes, which are made of plywood or block boards of uniform thickness. These doors are suitable for interior portions of residential and office buildings.

Sliding Door:

In this type of door, shutters slide on the sides, and the sliding shutters may be one, two or even three in number. These types of doors are used in offices or banks.

 Orion Doors

Collapsible Door:

A collapsible door has steel channels used as verticals and rollers are provided at their top as well as bottom so that the shutters can be easily pulled or pushed sideways. The doors may be single or double shuttered and are normally used for additional safety. They are commonly used for front doors of shops, schools, and for bank lockers.

Swing Door:

This door has its shutter attached to the frame by means of double action springs and can open both inward and outward. As they can open on both sides, it is recommended to provide glass panels or peepholes to see the persons using the door from the other side.

Rolling Shutter Door:

It consists of a frame, a drum and a shutter made of steel plates. The shutter can be pulled down and roll up easily, which moves on steel guides provided on the sides. This type of door is used for additional safety in shops, banks, and offices.

Avians Sliding door

Wire-gauzed Door:

These doors have shutters in which panels are replaced by wire mesh and are meant to allow fresh air into the room while preventing the entry of flies, mosquitoes, and insects. These doors are commonly used for refreshment rooms, kitchens, and cupboards for storing eatables.

Louvered Door:

Louveres are the glass, AC sheet strips or wooden fixed in the frame at a certain angle so that they prevent the inside view from outside but allows free passage of air. This type of doors are commonly used in public bathrooms and water closets and are preferred when both privacy and ventilation is concerned.

Revolving Door:

This door consists of a centrally placed pivot to which four radiating shutters are attached. A circular space of entrance is provided within which shutters rotate, providing an entrance on one side and exit on the other side. These doors are preferred in places like stores, banks, hotels, and theatres.

Preferred Brands by BuildersMART:

  • Century Doors
  • Orion Doors
  • Avians
  • Timex
  • Artius
  • FERO India


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