Simple ways to make your Bathroom look spacious

Bathrooms are a space where most of our private behaviour takes place other than sanitation and personal hygiene. Most of us dream of having the perfect comfort stations in our homes. Whether one can afford it or not, here are some budget-friendly tips one can use to make your bathroom live up to its full potential in terms of looking spacious.

Use light and soft paint colours

Pastel colours give an airy appearance to the bathroom

We all love bright and dark colours however, darker colours can make space seem smaller than its actual size. Mellow colours can open up space in a bathroom. White paint and tiles can easily make the room seem spacious because white reflects light, rather than absorbing it. It also gives an airy look to the overall appearance of the bathroom. Pastel colours are also a good choice.

Create the right ambience with lights

Lights make a room look bright and spacious

A trick of the light can be used for rooms that have limited space. Lights that are mounted on top of the mirror can create the right kind of setting without taking up more space than necessary. Ceiling lights should not be used if the roof is low. Multiple lights can also be placed to help make the room seem bright and commodious. Shadowing can cause the room to look compact. The lighting should be placed strategically so that it complements natural lighting and creates an illusion of more space.

Create a mirage of space

Mirrors reflect the light on all surfaces and create an illusion of space

Mirrors can change the entire look of your bathroom. Mirrors create the impression that the room is spacious. The mirror will reflect the light off all parts of the room making it seem bigger. One should consider strategically placing their mirrors to allow the lighting to reflect off all sides of the room.

Use a single and continuous tile style

Using the same tiles for the entire layout of bathroom makes it look bigger

Covering the bathroom floor entirely with a single style of tiles is another simple and effective way to style a small bathroom. Using different patterns for tiles in the shower creates a partitioning of the room which can make it feel smaller than it is. Instead, using the same tiles for the entire floor can trick the human eye into believing that it is a sizeable space.

Match your wall colours with the ceiling

Complementing colours create an illusion of space

If the ceiling of your bathroom is white and the walls are a different colour, the white roof will only make the height of the room more detectable. Instead, using the same colour or at least trying to complement the tile colour to the walls and the ceiling as closely as possible will make the space to appear larger.

Store away unnecessary objects

Store away all unnecessary objects to get a clean look for your bathroom

Minimalistic design is the new trend this season. Objects that don’t have to be kept in the bathroom can be stored somewhere else. It doesn’t take much for a small bathroom to look congested. Decreasing all the clutter from this space will give a more pronounced appearance. Because less is more!

Use a frameless glass panel

A frameless glass panel makes the area seem bigger

There is no room in a small bathroom for a partition between the shower and toilet. A framed shower door will surely make the area look smaller. On the other hand, a frameless glass panel will make the bathroom appear larger.

Emphasise on the longest side of the room

Emphasis on the longest side gives an illusion that the space is bigger

Most bathrooms are rectangular shaped. There will always be one wall that is longer than the other sides. Highlighting this area with a shelf or some other element is a great idea. This will draw the eye towards the widest side of the room. It takes away the emphasis on the low ceiling and brings out the attention to the spread out part of the room.

The techniques given above are very easy and effective. Along with saving space, they can give a classy and finished look to your bathroom.

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