BuildersMART acquires the digital mandate for Birla A1 StrongCrete in Hyderabad

BuildersMART acquires the digital mandate for Birla A1 StrongCrete in Hyderabad

               BuildersMART is very happy to announce that we are associated with the Birla A1 Company as the official digital partner in Hyderabad for Birla A1 Strongcrete cement. Birla A1 cement is one of the top ruling cement brands in the market, which is launched as a corollary to the success of Orient Gold 53 Grade Cement.

StrongCrete-The Forever Cement

What is Birla A1 StrongCrete? It is a newly designed cement for strong foundations, beams, columns, slabs, and having a faster setting time compared to other types of cement. Birla Group has used Pressure Sustaining technology (PST) to make the product with high-quality features like faster setting time, corrosion inhibitor, crack resistant, and includes many other features.

BuildersMART and its Journey towards Success:

                   BuildersMART is an online procurement services company, where you can purchase all types of building materials in one place. We mean quality services and deal directly with manufacturers to help our customers experience high definition satisfaction. BuildersMART deals with all kinds of brands for various categories like Cement, TMT Steel, Wooden, Electrical, Interiors, Plumbing, Tiles, Granites, and whatnot needed for the constructions.

We have been on an incredible journey for the past two years because when we started our company, not all the people were ready to accept our services as they are not much aware of it. But, that never stopped us and we successfully completed 1000+ orders from 400+ customers and 100+ vendors, who are very happy to be a part of our company.

BuildersMART stands out as the best e-commerce platform since it offers the efficiency in procurement services and maintains transparency in pricing, which leads us to gain much trust from the customers.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the top priority for the growth of our business and we value every customer and offer them our valuable services on time without any delays. Today, we became lead competitors in Hyderabad and stand at the top of the table for supplying all kinds of building materials online.


      Our quality services lead us to the path of heights, where the Prestigious CK Birla Group, choose us to be the official digital partner for Birla A1 StrongCrete in Hyderabad. As a part of this association, we BuildersMART will be responsible for online brand promotions through our portal.

We are very proud to announce that, it is the first time in the Cement Industry an established company like Birla A1 is associated with a start-up like BuildersMART for co-marketing.

      We value every brand and always strive very hard to deliver effective services to the brands associated with us in the present and also in the future.


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