Home Decorating Ideas For You

     Everyone loves to decorate their home and wants to give it a Filmy-classic or Royal- fancy look. It's always exciting for us to move into a new home, but the thought of decorating it without having much idea would be terrifying.

Even though we are excited, but that doesn't make any difference, in the end, we have to put all our money, time and efforts to make the output beautiful. The thoughts like which theme is well-suited, which colour looks good and which types of furniture should you consider, all these things can make you a bit confused.

     Decorating a new home is nothing but painting a beautiful picture on a blank page using various crayons.

The most convenient way of decorating your home is going to one room at a time. This way makes it easy without any confusion. The following are some of the tips that help you to get desired results.

Make it Colourful

     The first thing in the to-do list is to start colouring the walls. Painting can only bring the fragile look to any part of the house. Luxurious furniture and elegant rugs can go waste if the colour of the wall seems dull or ordinary.

Wall Painting

Always go for bright and striking colours which provide an outstanding look for walls, best suitable for living rooms. For bedrooms, use more subdued colours like pale peach, sea foam green, shades of blue, tangerine, and a combination of orange and white suits well and are mostly preferred. You can also paint wall designs or stick removable wallpapers that come with various designs.

Never Go Out of Style

     Have no regrets in investing in furniture essentials; always design your space that stands with time like custom-made furnishings. Using custom-made furniture is better and reliable when compared to ready-made furniture, which comes with the option of your choice and style.

Furnished Living Room

For space utilisation purposes built-in bookshelves, cabinets, desks create a more natural flow to space, adding style and storage at a time.

Inspire by Nature

     Keeping houseplants in the home not only purifies the air but also boosts mood and add colour to your interior. Adding plants to your home decor provides a friendly inviting environment which creates warmth and dimension.


They are of low-cost and easy to maintain and displays plenty of simplistic character of your lifestyle. Think Money plants, silver dollar plants, jade plants, ZZ plants, a string of pearls etc.

Introduce Florals to Windows

     You can beautify the whole room just by hanging colourful floral arrangements to the windows. Lush velvet curtains on the background can create calming energy in which you feel comforted and peaceful.

Window Treatments

Don't dress up the windows with unnecessary accessories, simple shades with neutral fabrics frame the stylish view.

Touch of Collections

     Fresh flowers with the elegant ceramic vases add the gorgeous effect to the rooms. Florals are always the trend but don't forget Glass Art, adding translucent glass in pastel colours creates beauty with the touch of light.

Buddha Idol painting on the wall

Show off your collections with various books arranged in a bookshelf, vintage pieces on the tables, antique collection of clocks on the wall, low-wattage incandescent lights for warm vibes, etc. Create an interesting decorative moment with cheeky exotic touches like ceramic elephant (or some royal animals) tables, Lord Buddha idols and more of your choices.

These are some of the simple and best home decor ideas for you. Stuck for ideas? Learn about more interesting blogs here: Interior Designing Tips by BuildersMart.