Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

     A living room is a beautiful and comfortable place for entertaining, relaxing and spending time with family members. It is one of the best places to showcase your taste of style by adding various layers of texture patterns, furniture layouts and different colour palettes.

Put your favourite trends at one place to create a modern and classic living room that steals everyone's glance. Keep reading this article and follow these tips to make it happen.

Variety of Collections

     Display a lot of things like decoys, antiques, wall clocks, some books and glassware in the room along with small plant pots in between them could bring a very fresh look to the place.

 Living room with a variety of decorative collection

Rustic Charm

     Use raw and distressed wood panels for walls and polish them with white paint could add warmth and texture to space. For cool places like hilly stations, exposed wall designs, comfortable warm seating and a fireplace could be finer than any cosy place.

Living room with Rustic Charm

Add Colour with a mix of Textiles

     Upholstery work with right sized furniture, beautiful floral from ceilings to floor and pillows add fun and create a warm welcome to the living room.

Living room with floral decoration

Room with a Pleasant View

     There is no better place than to surround you with a picturesque appeal of nature, all with sitting on a couch. Adding a sliding glass door to one to two sides of the room can create your room a pleasant view.

Living room with outside view

Textured Charm

     Texture brings a perfectly fine design up to excellent levels. Texture adds visual weights to your living space with freshly looks. Smooth textures bring a more satin cool tone to the room, and Rough textures make space feel familiar and grounded.

Room with texured wall background

Work with a particular colour palette where shades are very similar and heavily contrast, which will bring a sense of harmony to space.

A wall for Photos & Books

     A gallery wall of family art or bold wallpaper set the scene for artistic gatherings. A floor to ceiling most unusual bookcase with a relaxed grey design features can add a classic and modern touch to your living room.

Living room with bookshelf

Add a little Glam Touch

     Want to make your living room sparkle with different lightings without looking too flashy? Add a cacophony of circular hanging pendants, floor lamps, designer table lamps, and a minimal brass accents, like eye-catching metallic lighting.

Lighting example in a living room

Not only furniture and antiques but also ceiling lights make the entire room feel extraordinary. To know more about lighting ideas, check Interior Lighting Tips for your Home.

Opt for Outdoor Themes

     Bring the beauty inside by outdoor living walls come from top and bottom by using materials like limestone on the background wall, and a row of bridal creepers covers the roof.

Outdoor View inside a living room

A white marble floor and taupe couch produce cool look with circular hollow pendants under the roof.

Give your room a Colour

     A yellow accent living room with scattered cushions, painting stokes and jars in the background kitchen provide a bold look. You can also use any colour set complemented by a twig and berry chandelier, LED-lit wooden panelling and a stencilled glass table.

Colour wall background in a living room

It's a great way to practice your pattern mixing with dual colour combinations of cushions, sofas, textured carpets that add both fun and formal.

Arrange Comfy Seating

     Seating needs to be comfortable, and adding grey couches, vintage sofas, slip covered sofas, cowhide and sisal rugs add softness and texture to the room. The materials should be casual and keep it always clean to get that perfect look.

Seating arrangement in a living room

     Design your lounge creatively in a variety of substrates and styles with these modern living room ideas. Build yourself a modern or country style living room with these tips. The easy way to opt these styles for your living room is by adopting BuildersMart Interior Services. We help you to attain the styles you want. Be Smart! Build with BuildersMart!


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