9 Types of Paints in Construction & its Characteristics

Advantages of Painting a House:
  •   It protects the outer surface from the adverse impact of the atmospheric action.
  •   It provides the surface with an attractive appearance.
  •   It also helps to keep the surface clean and safe.
Characteristics of an Ideal Paint:
  •  It should be possible to apply easily and freely.
  •  It should become dry in a short period of time.
  •  It should form a hard and durable coat.
  •  It should have an attractive appearance.
  •  It should be inexpensive and possess good spreading power.
  •  It should not be harmful to the health of workers.
  •  It should form a thin film of uniform nature without cracking.
  •  It should not be affected by changing climatic conditions.

Types of Paints:

There are various types of paints depending upon their constituents. They are:

Oil paint-

These paints have a white lead as the base and are applied in three coats, namely, primer, undercoat, and finishing coat. Oil paints are cheap and easy to apply, but its life is adversely affected by the presence of dampness while applying the primer.

Enamel paint-

This paint is prepared by using white lead or zinc added with varnish, while pigments are added to get the desired color. This paint provides good resistance to acids, alkalies, and water. These paints are used for both exterior and interior walls.

Emulsion paint-

It contains pigments like cobalt and manganese and binding material like polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate. This paint dries very quickly within 15 minutes and hard dry within 2 hours. This paint is durable and retains its color for a long time. For plastered walls, a coat of cement paint should be applied first, followed by emulsion paint.

Cement paint-

Cement paint is available in powder form and consists of white cement as a base. The powder is mixed with water before applying and should be stirred consistently during use.

Bituminous paint-

It is manufactured by dissolving asphalt or vegetable bitumen in oil or petroleum, which is black in color and used for painting ironwork under water. This paint deteriorates when exposed to the sun.

Aluminium paint-

This paint consists of finely ground aluminium particles in suspension in oil. It is widely used for painting gas tanks, oil tanks, radiators and water pipes.

Anti-corrosive paint-

This paint is used for protecting iron and steel surfaces from corrosion. It is black in color, cheap and also durable.

Plastic paint-

This paint, which contains a variety of plastics as base and water as thinner, is available in different types of attractive colors. This paint is widely used for painting the walls and ceilings of showrooms, auditoriums, etc.

Asbestos paint-

This paint consists of fibrous asbestos and is used for stopping leakages in metal roofs. It is also used for painting gutters, spouts and damp-proofing of surfaces in basement walls.


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