Safety issues of Construction Workers

Construction sites pose uncertain circumstances especially for workers in the field. It is hard to determine what may cause an accident such as difficult working conditions, faulty equipment, poor management, etc. Safety is an important aspect of this area of civil engineering to ensure there are no injuries or loss of life of labourers. Safety culture is generally done in extremely hazardous industries such as coal mining, nuclear industry, off-shore oil extraction, etc. The construction industry is also dangerous mainly because the workers are separated by different sites and are made to move to different positions quite often. Safety performance in the construction industry is inadequate due to these reasons. Also considering that most accidents and injuries go unreported, the management of safety becomes difficult. The working condition of these employees and the prevention of any occupational injuries or illnesses should be the primary concern for all construction companies. Here are certain measures towards that the construction companies should be vigilant about:

Awareness about Safety

Workers should be made aware of the importance of safety while working in hazardous environments

Most workers on the construction site are uneducated with little to no understanding of the importance of their safety while working on the site. Others may be pressurised into working in hazardous conditions. Few companies train their employees on how to react in an emergency however, many companies consider productivity to be more important than the well-being of its workers.

Safety Policy

Safety policies and procedures should be implemented 

Many construction companies do not have a proper procedure for educating their employees about the significance of their safety and how to react when there is an emergency. Companies should provide insurance in case of accidents causing injuries or death in extreme cases. While many of them don’t, it shows the lack of awareness amongst most employees and workers about their safety.

Keeping a safety record

Keeping track of past accident data is important to ensure it doesn't happen in the future

Construction companies need to maintain a record of the accidents and safety-related issues on the construction site. Most companies have a standard procedure of keeping an annual report for the frequency rate of accidents, dangerous situations and mortality rate.

The rapport between workers and management

 There should be clear and precise communication between the management and workers

It is the sole responsibility of the management to ensure that all safety procedures are followed by the workers on a construction site. No synchronisation between sub-contractors and the experts can result in a huge communication gap causing disagreement. Strict rules should be put out for disciplining workers who do not follow the safety policies of the company. The level of mutual understanding and cooperation between these two parties is often found to be low in the construction industry.

Protective equipment

Personal protective equipment should be provided and used by every construction worker

It is often seen on many construction sites that workers do not use helmets on site. There is a huge gap in awareness amongst workers or discomfort while using protective equipment. This shows the lack of commitment from the management’s side to provide a secure working environment while promoting safe practices. Contractors should take responsibility for their workers’ safety by providing protective equipment and making it mandatory to use it on a construction site.

Compensation for employees

Workers should be fully compensated in case of injuries or loss of life

Measures should be taken to ensure that safety is enforced upon construction sites. Insurance should be provided for all employees in case of any mishap. It has been observed that most companies provide a safe alternative only in case of serious emergencies. The policies, procedures, training and protective equipment being implemented are insufficient.

Safety funding

Cost of an accident is more than the cost of construction

There is a common misconception that the undertaking of safety protocols and training sessions for the employees will increase the overall cost of construction by a sizeable amount. Accident costs are generally taken up by the company while the contractor’s bid would cover insurance costs. The safety of an employee should be taken as a priority and more consideration should be given to the budget that implements these safety policies.

What are safety issues that can arise in a construction site?

Construction sites are surrounded by the most unpredictable circumstances which are why it is tough to guarantee the safety and well-being of those who work on these sites. Hence, it is wiser to be cautious rather than face the consequences of something that perhaps, could have been avoided. Due to the dynamic and changing nature of construction sites, several issues may come up.

Size of the construction company

The Government of India has given flexibility and encourages its civilians to have small businesses. The same goes for companies in the construction field. Many companies hire workers on for a short period or on a contract-basis and thus, don’t consider the costs of safety as a necessity unless it is stated in the contract.

Lack of efficient safety procedures

The National standards for imposing safety in a construction work environment should be on par with new trends and developing technology in the construction field.

Absence of useful accident data

Many times, the personnel responsible for the workers’ wellbeing is not aware of the official data that has been recorded of the accidents that have occurred in the past. They are also not aware of the statistics that show the frequency of these accidents, disabilities, the reason for its occurrence and other factors that may be relevant towards finding a solution.

Lack of awareness of workers

Workers often come from poor backgrounds and are ready to accept any kind of job to support their families. Such people are emotionally compromised and most likely not aware of their right to safe working environments. These labour groups have no community to support them on their right to safety.

Weather conditions

Construction companies tend to work long hours when the weather is good to compensate for the loss of work during bad weather.


Building and construction have been so diverse that there are even specialisations on construction sites. Construction companies often hire subcontractors to get the job done quickly, for certain compensation. Large scale use of subcontractors can lead to problems in safety coordination, planning, communication, etc. 

The importance of awareness of safety for construction workers is an issue that must be stressed upon. Training the workers to assess a situation and react responsibly in an emergency is not an added weight, it is an added advantage that would increase the overall efficiency of the construction company. A commitment to safety would promote a belief that the company has an interest in the well-being of its employees and would automatically increase its reputation.

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