How BuildersMART can help Small and Medium sized Contractors?

How Small and Medium-sized Contractors Work?

The person who runs a small or medium business is generally known as SME contractors. The types of works SME contractors provide are Civil, Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Painting, Tiling, Marble works, Landscaping and other types of work needed for the construction process.

Their organization typically varies from 2-3 staff and even sometimes the SME contractor might be working on his own. Everything is difficult for them from the beginning itself as they are solely responsible for the entire project.

Once they get the project in their hands, they have to do most of the work by themselves to complete the project before deadlines.

     The challenges faced by small-medium contractors in the implementation of projects are increasing day by day due to the heavy competition involved in the construction field. We can find a high failure rate for small and medium contractors in the construction sector compared to other sectors.

 A variety of reasons behind this failure that mainly includes:

Payments delayed by clients: Most of the times payments get delayed by clients which leads to improper management of labor, who mostly go for daily or weekly wages makes them leave the construction site in the middle of the work.

Changes in Material prices: Increase in material prices is totally dependent on the market standards as they suddenly appear like an uninvited guest. Varying material prices impact contractors as it may overrun the project cost.

Changes in design: If contractors don't meet the client expectations, then they have to modify the design according to their specifications which can cause loss of materials, labor cost, and also extend the duration of the project.

     Sometimes, mistakes of labor also increase the time of construction because most of the labor who carry out the operations are uneducated and with insufficient knowledge of construction.

Labor Management: High cost of labor is one of the major factors that small and medium contractors face nowadays. Finding the right labor for the project and dealing with them is getting difficult because of the heavy competition and delays in scheduling payments.

      Other minor reasons include lack of effective management, cash flow management, labor availability, and delays in delivering materials, poor communication between labor and supervisors, insufficient infrastructure facilities and many other non-productive activities.

 How BuildersMART can help?

       BuildersMART contributes its best to provide solutions for all types of SME contractors in the construction field as we are totally into procurement and construction services.

We help you with better Project designs, Bank loans, Procurement of raw materials at the lowest prices, providing contact details of the labor and the service providers to the potential customers.

We take care of every single thing that you need from us to make your work more effectively and more productively.

We will work for you like your backend office to make things walk on the right path without any delays. We always strive to provide you with better solutions and assure you 100% satisfactory services.


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Technically Reviewed by Rajesh Pagadala, MS, Founder & CEO - BuildersMart. Written by Vani paspula, Content Manager.