Tips for Homebuyers to Check Construction Quality

The construction quality of a building is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying a house. Did you know that less than 20% of homebuyers in India know how to check the quality of construction before buying and occupying a residence?

Checking the quality of construction is an engineering aspect but there are ways for common homebuyers to find out whether the construction of your prospective home is secure or not.

Here are few ways to check the general quality of construction for a building.

For exteriors

Cracks in the wall indicate a weak foundation

Cracks in the wall indicate that the building has a weak foundation.  One should observe even minor cracks as this shows that faulty building materials were used during construction.

Check the concrete mix

If the nail goes in, the quality of construction is low

The strength of concrete will determine whether the building can carry a load. Use a nail while testing the quality of building materials. Drive the nail into a brick. If the nail bends easily, the brick is of good quality. You can do the same thing with mortar between the bricks. 

Check the wall thickness

Tapping against the wall can indicate how thick it is

The layout agreement for the building will have information regarding the thickness of the walls. A homebuyer can use a key and press it against the wall. If an impression or a hole is formed, it is an indicator that low-quality material was used.  One can also tap against the wall to find out its hollowness.

Plaster Quality

If the nail goes in, the quality of the plaster is bad

You can check the quality of plaster by driving a nail into it. If the nail easily goes through, then the mortar between the plaster is bad. If the nail bends, the plaster is of good quality.

You can also check the alignment of the plaster by inspecting the rooms at sundown. Switch on the light in every room. The light should reflect off evenly from the walls. This is an indicator of proper alignment.

Paint Quality

High quality paint increases the durability of the building

Good paint will enhance the longevity of walls and wooden surfaces other than creating a visual appeal for the building. Inexpensive paint, on the other hand, will reduce the durability of the walls.

Floor Alignment

 A marble test will indicate whether the floor alignment is correct or not

A homebuyer can follow this simple test. Take a few marbles and set them loose on a floor. The marbles should roll in the direction of the drain, if there is one.

This can also be tested in a bathroom. Use water instead of marbles. The water should flow directly into the drain.

Check for wet areas

A patch of seepage indicates faulty joints

Plug the drain inside the bathroom and pour a few buckets of water. Let it be for a couple of hours. If there is a patch of seepage, then the joints are faulty. Homebuyers should test this in all bathrooms inside the building.


Electrical fittings, door handles and window latches are all fixtures inside a building

Fittings inside the kitchen and bathroom such as taps and showers should be thoroughly investigated. Doors should not make creaking sounds while being used. The tiles that are used in the bathroom and kitchen can indicate the overall quality of the construction. Homebuyers shouldn’t forget to check out the electrical fittings, door handles and window latches.

Besides the rooms inside the building, common areas can also give an insight into the construction quality. Buyers can check the maintenance facilities for elevators. Lifts will usually have a maintenance contract which is checked periodically by the management. Green spaces inside the building complex are also a sign of quality construction. This indicates that the developer is not trying to use every measure of space inside the layout. The average life cycle of a building lasts around 60 to 70 years. A building of poor construction quality will have a much shorter life span. It is important to do a maintenance check on the building at least once every decade. Every home buyer should be aware of these tips to assure good standards of construction.

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