Easily find prices of cement from various brands in all major cities.

Cement Exchange recommends certain Brands based on the volume of sales and the pricing available on the platform. However, you are open to select the Brand of your choice.

There is no such MOQ defined by Cement Exchange. Prices available on Cement Exchanges are based on the Supplier defined minimum order quantity.

Cement Exchange do not add any margin to the prices submitted by the suppliers. We charge a nominal convenience fee.

Cement Exchange is a live platform where prices are obtained from suppliers all over the India similar to stock exchange. The prices can change at any time. However, once the order is placed, price will be locked for that order.

You have the option to “Request Price” from our top rated and verified Suppliers. Once price is received, you can place the order.

Our suppliers are required to respond with-in 60 minutes of the request to stay top rated on Cement Exchange.

Every Brand is Not More or Not Less. Depending upon your budget, you can select the Brand.

OPC is used in foundations, beams, columns and slab purposes.

PPC is used for plain concrete works and plastering works.

43-grade cement is PPC, and 53-grade cement is OPC.

Because it's easy, convenient and you can compare prices from all the brands and suppliers and select the best lowest price.

The price quotations from the vendors are the best and discounted prices in the market.

When the price is submitted by the vendor, you will receive a notification in the app.

Minimum Order Quantity usually depends on the Brand, supplier and availability. Generally, from 50 bags to full load.

You can contact Cement Exchange Support Team, and they will help you in the remaining process.

Payment should be done to Cement Exchange’s Digital Escrow Account. Once you are satisfied with the supplies, payment will be transferred to the Supplier’s account.

Payment shall be made to Cement Exchange to lock the price at the time of confirmation.

Once the order is placed, our support team would be in touch with you and let you know all updates.

Within 24 to 48 hours, the order will be delivered to your construction site.

Yes, normally vendors will charge Rs.5/- per bag or you can unload it using your own labor.

No. Because, cement prices fluctuates very frequently.

Yes, you can cancel the order before (dispatch) loading cement bags into the vehicle. Order cannot be cancelled once the shipment gets started.

After cancelling the order, the refund will be processed to your bank account within 2 to 3 working days.

No. Payment is done only to Cement Exchange & if in such cases, you can complain to Cement Exchange Support Team.

Raise a complaint to Cement Exchange team for replacement of cement delivered. However, the defect shall be identified at the time of delivery before unloading of the cement bags.

Once satisfied, inform the Cement Exchange Team via APP of the receipt of material.

Yes, the app is developed by the parent company “BuildersMart” - the most trusted online platform for building and construction materials in India.

You can give your feedback/Suggestions/Review on Cement Exchange.

Download & Install Cement Exchange App from Play store and submit all the details needed for the registration.

Yes, you have to be a GST registered seller.

Open the App & submit the price to Cement Exchange.

No. Cement Exchange does not add any margin on the prices submitted by the sellers. The price is decided & submitted only by you and they are final.

You have to update the prices, whenever there is a change in the market prices.

The prices submitted are valid only for that day (till end of day). Once the order is confirmed by Cement Exchange, then that price is considered to be valid till the completion of delivery.

You can update the product with the "Out of Stock" option through App.

You will lose your vendor rating on the platform. However, you will be still listed on the Cement Exchange.

The customer pays to Cement Exchange’s Digital Escrow Account setup on behalf of the customer. On successful delivery, payment will be transferred to the Supplier by Cement Exchange.

If you submit more price requests and deliver more orders, then you will listed in the top of the PriceFinder results. Preference will be given to Supplies who updates prices for the day.

For Suppliers who would like to trade in discrete on the platform, we have an "Alias Name" option. Your business will be listed under the Alias Name.

As a supplier you will be responsible for loading, transportation and unloading/delivery of the product to the customer on behalf of Cement Exchange.

Your account with Cement Exchange will be put on hold and will not receive any orders from the platform. You are expected to comply 100% with the law.

Cement Exchange is a Trade Platform which connects you directly with the potential online customers. If you are interested to grow your Business Online, then it is the best platform to start with.

All the payments will be processed by Cement Exchange only and will be transferred to the registered Vendor Bank accounts.

Once the order is delivered, our team receives the confirmation of delivery from the customer. Cement Exchange will process the payment to the vendor supplied within a day.

Once order is confirmed by the Customer, you will receive an email notification and/or one of our Order Processing Executive will coordinate for delivery.

Login with your mobile number and submit all your contact details, brands you deal with and the locations you can deliver.

Depending upon the stock availability, you can confirm the orders as many as you can.

Quote the best price to convince the customers.

When the customer places the order, you will get a notification, and you can always open and check the app if any order is placed.

You can place a request whenever you want to change your Details. Cement Exchange will update your details as soon as we receive a request from you.

Log in to the application and edit the prices and product availability at any time.

No. Once the price is submitted, you should process the delivery with the same price when the order is confirmed on the same day by Cement Exchange

Yes, you can update or remove or change the products or brands from the store whenever you want.

Submitted: All the requests accepted by you will be listed in "Submitted".
Declined: All the Requests Declined by you will be listed in "Declined".
Expired: All the Requests where you do not submit the price will be listed in "Expired".
In this way, you can see/track the status of all the requests received by you.