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Rebar Coupler - 16mm

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Rebar Coupler - 16mm

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Product Description

  • The Traditional methods of lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting reinforcing bars. Lapped joints are dependent upon the concrete for load transfer. The use of laps can be time-consuming in terms of design and installation and the increased amount of rebar creates congestion within the concrete.
  • Couplers are designed to mechanically join two bars together. By creating an end-to-end bar connection, a continuous load path is created from one bar to another that is independent of the condition and quality of the concrete. Mechanical splices are reliable under conditions of cyclic loading into the inelastic range and prove to be advantageous at the locations where inelastic yielding may occur. BENEFITS OF COUPLERS
  • Spliced rebar performs like continuous reinforcement due to the mechanical joint, unlike lapping which has a complete dependency on concrete.
  • Steel wastage is reduced significantly. Using couplers saves lap length steel. A 12m rebar can be divided into 3m or 4m as bars as required which also prevents the wastage of end pieces of steel.
  • Staggering of bars not required.
  • Bar cross-sectional area is not reduced.
  • Couplers used as a replacement to dowel bars which also saves formwork material.
  • Steel congestion is reduced due to the elimination of laps.
  • Using couplers provides superior cyclic performance as compared to lap joint.
  • Easy to install and no torque wrench required. FEATURES OF COUPLERS EN material is used for manufacturing couplers. Reinforcing bar couplers having high carbon contents have high strength and in addition to greater thickness are more sustainable and effective. Reinforcing bar coupler helps to increase the pace of execution and the quality of projects. It can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required, which is now a valuable national resource. No torque wrench is required for assembling, reinforcing bar couplers. Hand tightening of the bar or coupler is sufficient. Our couplers can be used in power plant, bridges and all types of R.C.C structures CODE SPECIFICATION In India, the structural consultant is free to define the code to which the couplers used for the project. I. ACI: 318 – 2008:
  • Type 1 joint required to achieve 1.25Fy as a minimum, e.g: For Fe500 the tensile strength expected is at least 625 N/mm2 (Clause
  • Type 2 required to comply with 1.25Fy requirement and also meet the specified tensile strength of the rebar. E.g: For Fe500 the ultimate stress expected from the same is at least 700 N/mm2. II. BS 8110 – Part 1, Section 3, 1989:
  • Specifies tensile testing and slip test for the joint for acceptance of the sample.
  • Testing the coupler of a precise type, the permanent elongation after loading to 0.6fy should not exceed 0.1mm. E.g: For grade 460 the tensile strength should exceed 497 N/mm2. III. IS 1786 – 2008:
  • Type 1 – For Fe500 is considered acceptable for use anywhere in the structure if it meets ultimate strength of 545 N/mm2 which is much lesser than the 1.25Fy. (Clause 8.1 –Table 3).
  • Type 2 – Condition becomes at least 625 N/mm2 as well. IV. IS 16172 – 2014:
  • 1. Manufacturers code for production of couplers.
  • 2. Coupler to be designed for Fe550 grade.
  • 3. Only tests recommended for acceptance on projects is static tensile tests.
  • 4. Example, Fe500 rebar breaking at a stress of 580 N/mm2 is acceptable as per IS 1786 requirement of 545 N/mm2.
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