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Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd


Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd was established in 1995. Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd strives to be a leading service provider of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design. The company’s target is to provide service of world-class quality by providing cost-effective solutions according to a customer’s requirement. A successfully executed project requires coordination and appropriate planning.

Our solutions are designed so that they can best serve customers in an economical and effective way. Synergy Infra Consultants Pvt Ltd team expertise in providing tailor-made solutions that are made to fit each and every requirement of our clients. We assure the reliability of our services and we also specialize in product innovation.

Synergy Infra Consultants uses the latest national and international codes of practice while remaining up to date with the latest in the development of technology. The company follows a standardized way of maintaining their data and doing projects. Design Engineering undertakings are done as per Indian Standard Specifications, Indian Electricity rules and the National Electrical code for native projects. For international projects, ASHRAE, NEC, NFPA, ANSI, ASTM, IEEE, NEMA, IBC, IPC, IMC, TAC regulations are applied.

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