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Alice(Minton Hollins Collection) - 150 x 150 x 8mm

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Alice(Minton Hollins Collection) - 150 x 150 x 8mm

Availability: In stock

M.R.P: Rs.64.00 per Sft

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Avail in - 1 Colour, 1 Finish
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Product Description

Nature is abundant. It's like a canvas that keeps adding new aspects to itself; a deep shade here, a gentle stroke there, a little time, some textures. Some stand in awe of its beauty, while, some like us at Johnson, seek inspiration and pay our humble ode to it. One such ode is the all-new 30x45cm Wall concepts.
One look at the collection and you'll know, its roots its inspiration in nature. Be it the floral patterns or the leaves of fall depicted on a canvas that measures a magnificent 12x18 inches in size. A feel so real, you touch them and expect to hear a rustle of leaves of autumn, or the sweet smell of petrichor, every time the golden rays of the sun, shine on them.
What's more, there's a special set of tiles designed specifically for the kitchen area, to remind you every single time of the homely meals and warm conversations waiting to be served in there. Though they are primarily wall tiles, they come with a special set of floor tiles in a bid to ensure a seamless flow of design from the walls to the floor. A collectin, inspired by nature, ready to take you into its charm.

Technical Specifications

Property International Standard ISO 13006/EN14411 Group Bill Requirement Johnson Wall Value Test Method
Deviation in Length & Width '+/- 0.5% or 2.0mm '+/- 0.2% ISO 10545-2
Deviation in Length & Width+/- 0.5% or 2.0mm+/- 0.2%ISO 10545-2
Deviation in Thickness+/- 10% or 0.5mm+/- 5%ISO 10545-2
Straightness of Sides+/- 0.3% or 1.5mm+/- 0.1%ISO 10545-2
Rectangularity+/- 0.5% or 2.0mm+/- 0.2%ISO 10545-2
Surface Flatness+/- 0.5% / -0.3% or 2.0mm/-1.5mm+/- 0.2%ISO 10545-2
Surface QualityMin 95% Free from Visible Defects>95% Free from Visible DefectsISO 10545-2
Water AbsorptionE>10%E>10%ISO 10545-3
Modulus of Rupture> /= 15N/mm2> /= 15N/mm2ISO 10545-4
Breaking Strength>/= 600N>/= 600NISO 10545-4
Resistance to Deep Abrasion of Unglazed TilesNot ApplicableNot ApplicableISO 10545-6
Resistance to Surface Abrasion of Glazed Tiles for floor applicationReport Abrasion ClassNot ApplicableISO 10545-7
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionReport ValueISO 10545-8
Thermal Shock ResistanceReport ResultResistantISO 10545-9
Crazing Resistance of Glazed TilesReport ResultResistantISO 10545-11
Frost ResistanceReport ResultResistantISO 10545-12
Moisture ExpansionReport ValueISO 10545-10
Small color Differences - for plain colored tiles, where required in a specificationGL : E<0.75, UGL : E<0.75UGL : E<0.75ISO 10545-16
Impact ResistanceReport Value>/= 0.55ISO 10545-15
Scratch Hardness of surface (Moh's Scale)Report Value>/=4EN101/DIN 18155
Slip Resistance for Floor ApplicationReport ValueNot ApplicableANSI B101.3
Bulk Density (g/cc)Report Value>/=1.6ASTM C373-16
Resistance to Staining - Glazed TilesMin Class 3Min Class 3ISO 10545-14
Resistance to Staining - UnGlazed TilesReport Resistance ClassNot ApplicableISO 10545-14
Resistance to Low Concentrations of Acids and Alkalis - Glazed TilesReport Resistance ClassULAISO 10545-13
Resistance to Low Concentrations of Acids and Alkalis - UnGlazed TilesReport Resistance ClassNot ApplicableISO 10545-13
Resistance to High Cncentrations of Acids and AlkalisReport Resistance ClassUHAISO 10545-13
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool Salts - Glazed TilesGBUAISO 10545-13
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool Salts - UnGlazed TilesUBNot ApplicableISO 10545-13
Lead & Cadmium Release - for Glazed Tiles, Where requiredReport ValueNilISO 10545-15
Color Resistance to UV lightReport ValueNo change in ColorDIN 51094

Product Specifications

Additional Information
Size N/A
Brand / Manufacturer Johnson Tiles
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