Advantages of Porotherm Bricks

In recent times, we have come across new technology in the construction industry such as software, augmented reality, self-healing concrete, etc. Though, homebuyers pay less attention when it comes to building materials. People generally concentrate on the interiors and exteriors of the house but often forget to investigate the quality of the construction material. Decisions are made based on a random choice, rather than any reason. The idea should be to build structures that are established to be of high-quality, durability and environmental-friendly.
The building material industry has stumbled upon a unique walling material called Porotherm bricks. They are hollow clay bricks that exhibit all the strong points of natural ingredients.  We have listed them below:


Porotherm bricks are 100% natural and eco-friendly

Besides clay, Porotherm blocks are made up entirely of natural ingredients such as rice husk ash, sawdust, coal ash, etc. Hence, there is no release of harmful toxins into the atmosphere. They are also recyclable and save a considerable amount of energy from being wasted. The construction industry contributes largely to its surroundings and it is necessary to adapt to building materials such as porotherm bricks that have the same(and better!) characteristics as conventional bricks while promoting green building. Porotherm bricks are approved as 100% eco-friendly by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) and IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).

Thermal insulation

Porotherm bricks are baked at a very high temperature

Clay is naturally resistant to high temperatures. Hollow porotherm bricks are prepared by baking them at a temperature of over 1000 degree Celsius. This building material has a high rating for fire. It can keep harsh temperature outside a building from entering inside and maintain comfortable airspace within the interiors. In case of fire accidents, these bricks provide sufficient time to evacuate before substantial damage can occur. They also reduce the usage of air conditioning systems during hot weather and heaters during the winter season.

Acoustic insulation

Porotherm bricks have excellent acoustic and thermal insulating properties

Porotherm bricks are natural insulators against the transmission of sound. They are dense and resist the passage of noise through them. A U-value shows the ability of the material to withstand thermal and acoustic elements from passing through it. Porotherm bricks are designed so that their U-value is around 0.6W/m²K. This indicates that porotherm bricks have excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

High compressive strength

Portherm bricks have high compressive strength

Porotherm bricks are made such that they display high compressive strength. This automatically increases the productivity in masonry during construction since heavily loaded equipment can be used more efficiently.


Porotherm bricks last upto 150 years

Porotherm bricks have a long life lasting more than 150 years. They can also be recycled and reused thereby, not disturbing the natural cycle of the environment.

Low water consumption

Porotherm bricks absorb 95% less water than ordinary bricks while curing

During the curing process, bricks are processed to retain its moisture and to avoid the formation of cracks in the material. Porotherm bricks take much less time to cure than conventional bricks and require at least 95% less water utilisation.

Lightweight leading to quick construction

Porotherm bricks are 60% lighter than conventional bricks

Porotherm hollow bricks are at least 60% lighter than the ordinary bricks that are used in construction. However, they do not lack in any characteristics due to their mass. A considerable amount of dead-load is taken off the structure. They are extensively used to build both load-bearing(HP) and non-bearing walls(VP). Since there is less material being used, construction time is automatically reduced.

The usage of porotherm bricks in construction saves a substantial amount of money as there is less usage of steel and other building materials. Labour work is simultaneously reduced as a lighter framework can be used. They are very easy to install and are durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures. These smart bricks are versatile even in the “looks” department. They can easily be combined with any colour combination of paint, glasses and interior décor.

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