7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of House Construction

 Are you planning to construct a new house? Don't know how to cut the construction costs without compromising quality?

After Covid 19, the construction scenario has changed completely, and we can see the tremendous changes in land costs, building materials costs, and labour costs.

Cutting the costs of construction is wholly depends on your budget and lifestyle choices. It is going to be more expensive than we have imagined and analyzed. So, here are a few informational tips for you to help build your dream house.

1. Selecting the Right Plot for Construction

     While constructing a house, the cost of land is one of the expensive factors to start. Always consider the area with the potential future development that appreciates the cost of land with time.

Open Plot for House Construction

Choosing the plot level to the road is the second thing to view, and it should be neither too low nor too high to avoid unnecessary material fillings.

2. Plan for Simple Structural Designs

     Another crucial aspect of construction is getting the design done in our ways. It can be expensive in terms of time and money, so opting for a professional architect can help you cut down the costs by optimizing the design.

Example of Structural design of a house

Having detailed designs from a professional can save future recurring and maintenance costs. Square or rectangular floor plans require fewer materials when compared to H or L shaped layout designs, thereby reducing the overall construction cost.

3. Basic survey on the plot

• Check the survey area and FSI of the plot area to know the potential development in the future.

• Understand the type of soil by conducting a soil test to avoid huge foundation costs. Check out here: Types of Soil Tests in Construction.

• It is necessary to have a water and electric connection nearby. If not, you have to apply for a separate poll and separate plumbing connection, which is again expensive.

4. Procuring Building & Construction Materials

     Sourcing the right materials and negotiating prices is a difficult task to handle. Choose the best quality materials at your budget level with the help of your building contractor. Nowadays, you can also procure construction materials online, which is an easy and flexible way. Read more about the Benefits of Buying Construction Materials Online.

Building and Construction Materials

Go for the well-known brands of cement, TMT Steel, local bricks, tiles instead of granites, UPVC instead of wooden, recycled materials for decorating lawns, rooftops, etc. If you are not brand conscious, local brands are always a good option, with quality at affordable prices.

Purchasing building materials in bulk quantities and from the same dealer will help in negotiating a discount price. Don't use unnecessary materials for beautification as they lead to more expenses.

5. Using the latest technology tools

     Modern Technologies has laid down a faster way in the road of construction. Prefabrication, BIM, Drones, Cloud-Based Software’s are the new Construction trends that are happening right now.

Example of Prefabricated Construction

Hire contractors who are hands-on expertise & reputable in using the latest construction technologies. Using smart technology gadgets can save you a lot of time, energy and also helps in minimizing human errors in the pre-construction and also in the post-construction. Learn more about the Types of Construction Technology Reshaping the Industry.

6. Hire Experienced Professionals

     Be very particular in selecting architects, contractors, interior designers; always go for the people who have stayed long in the business.

Building Contractor

They possess the skills to change orders to the minimum by assuring quality compliance and have the best knowledge of market prices. Read more about 5 things to consider while hiring a contractor.

7. Don’t make changes halfway

     Once the construction process gets started, it's better not to change the blueprint as it can highly impact the construction cost. Minimal changes and upgrades are handled but try to avoid the massive changes until & until it becomes necessary.

Building Contractors

Remembering all these things in mind can be a tiresome thing. All you need is to follow the right construction tips to avoid extra construction costs. We believe that these tips can be helpful and if you need any other information, please let us know. We are always willing to help you!

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