Steps to Consider for Storage of Cement Bags

      Cement plays a necessary part in the construction of any structure. It is a climate-sensitive material, so it has to be stored, transported and handled carefully to preserve its quality and fineness.

Cement should be stored in suitably constructed sheds which can be a cool-dry and well-ventilated place. The material should be placed away from the moisture and direct contact from the sun.

Arrangement of Cement Bags

• While placing the bags, please ensure the room or shed interior is completely dried.

• Avoid penetration of moisture by placing the cement bags above the ground level of 15-20 cms using wooden planks.

• A minimum space of 40 cms should be kept between the cement bags and the wall.

Stacks of Cement Bags

• The maximum height of the stack should not be more than 15 bags, and the width is up to 4 bags.

• If the stack is more than 8 bags high, then the cement bags shall be arranged alternately length and crosswise i.e. header and stretcher method.

• Cement bags should be kept close to each other in the stack to reduce air circulation between them.

Protection during Monsoon

     During monsoon, the stack should be kept complete enclosed by a waterproofing membrane to protect the cement from dampness and moisture. We can use waterproofing membrane such as a polyethylene sheet to cover the top of the sack and handle with care to avoid any damages during the use.

Accumulation of water on the ground should be avoided and protect the floor from damping by draining away the rainwater.

Handling of Cement Bags

     Hooks shall not be used while moving the bags from one place to another. Ensure that cement bags are not dropped or split while carrying them. Workers must cover their hands and face and use skin protection while handling cement.

Handling of Cement Bags

The cement bags should be deposited flat on their broadsides down to avoid damage of packaging.

Use the Old One's First

     The strength of the cement depreciates with time, so when bags are required to use always use the oldest stock first. The stack of cement bags should be stored according to the manufacture's date to make the process easy.

Placing of Cement Bags

Points to Remember

  •  The walls of the shed should be leak-proof and of masonry construction.
  •  The windows should be few and kept shut and provide an adequate amount of light.
  •  Different types of cement should be stored separately and also depends on packaging such as gunny bags, paper bags, and polythene bags should also be stacked separately.
  •  Maximum height of the stack recommended for grey cement is 20 bags and for white cement is 10 bags.
  •  Leftover cement and damaged or torn cement bags shall be stored separately. The mouth of the bags should be sealed properly to avoid moisture penetration.
  •  For temporary storage at site, don't place the cement bags directly on the ground use tarpaulin or polythene sheets.
  •  The exposed cement with lumps should be avoided in construction.
  •  The outside temperature storage should be avoided because if the moisture absorption exceeds 5%, the cement becomes useless for construction.

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