How to choose Tile designs for your kitchen

There are so many things to look after especially when buying a new house. When it comes to choosing the interiors for your kitchen, it may be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few tips that will guide you in making the right choice.

Understand the difference between ‘tiles’.

Tiles are a great fit for your home’s décor however, different tiles are used for each purpose. For the kitchen, tiles are most commonly used for the flooring but they can also be used for the walls and backsplashes.

Decide on a material.

For flooring, vinyl, bamboo, wood, limestone, cork, etc. are commonly used. Whereas porcelain, ceramic, marble, bamboo, etc., are used for countertops. It is important to know which type of material is suitable for your kitchen’s interiors.

Choose a colour and texture.

Kitchen tiles are available in all kinds of colours, patterns and textures. It is very easy to get confused about what to choose for the interiors with so many varieties of finishes. One thing to remember is that the colour you choose will last in your kitchen for years. Hence, it is important to make sure you are content with your choice.

Choose a tile that suits your family life:

Kitchen floor tiles should have a coefficient of friction(COF) that would make it non-slippery. Wall tiles have a low COF making them slippery. Tiles for the floor should have a slightly raised pattern or a slightly rougher surface making it durable enough to withstand kids, pets and even spilling of food or supplies.

Choose a tile according to the activities that surround it.

For example, a ceramic tile is resistant to heat from hot pans. Therefore, it can be placed near the kitchen stove and is resistant to heat, however, it is easily breakable. Decide on a material that works best on the area it is being set up.

Researching is always a good idea before buying tiles. It is also good to have a budget in mind before deciding on what tiles you want in your kitchen. Consider these tips for making your kitchen look amazing! Here are some ideas for modern kitchen tiles which can be found in India making it easier to choose.

White tiles

White flooring works with all interiors

White tiles are the safest option as they look good with every kind of kitchen décor! They can be used as an entire covering on the kitchen floor or even as multiple tiles. They are also quite preferred in bathrooms as well.

Entire Floor Covering Tile

Single tile flooring can be customised according to measurements

Sometimes it is easier to just cover the entire floor with a single tile instead of using several tiles. It can be easily customised to fit the size of the layout of your kitchen with the right measurements.

3D Kitchen Tiles

3D kitchen tiles are a popular choice

These modern tiles will look great in the kitchen. The tiles are designed to give a feeling that they are arranged one over another making the kitchen look very stylish. 3D tiles are a popular choice in kitchens.

Bamboo kitchen tiles

Bamboo tiles give a vibrant look to the kitchen

Bamboo tiles can bring an innovative look to the kitchen. Because they are comparatively water-resistant than wooden flooring, they are a good option in the kitchen. One should still be aware of the moisture content and take measures to prevent damage.

Wooden kitchen tiles

Wooden kitchen flooring is highly durable
Wooden flooring gives a high-quality look and finishes to a room. They are easy to clean and provide a healthy indoor environment. They are available in a variety of shades and are durable against pets, children and a certain amount of pressure on them. Wooden floors have to be maintained with good care to ensure they do not come in contact with moisture.

Checkered kitchen tiles

Checkered tiles give a polished look to your kitchen. The rich patterns between the colours will create an interesting look without making it look too dramatic. It can also create a feeling of warmth inside the kitchen space.

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