Why you should choose Birla-A1 StrongCrete?

        Birla A1 StrongCrete- The Forever Cement, the name itself says the structures built with this cement stands strong and lasts forever. If you want to complete your construction in a shorter span of time, then use this cement to make that happen as it possesses the faster setting time than other types of cement.

     This cement is specially designed to sustain very high pressure and to resist harsh climatic changes. For building load-bearing concrete structures, elements like foundation, beams, columns, and slabs are very important as they bear very high pressures and this cement specially made to keep the structure strong and long-lasting.

What makes StrongCrete Special?

     Quality of the cement decides the strength of the structure and Birla-A1 Company produces higher strength quality cement to ensure the structure lasts long and StrongCrete is one of them. It is a newly designed cement with optimized core properties includes fineness, particle distribution and the required amount of admixture.

Presence of optimum fineness properties in it makes the concrete highly workable in terms of mixing, transportation, placement & compaction and also guarantees a denser, stronger and more compact concrete.

StrongCrete Fineness


7 Reasons Why you should go for Birla-A1 StrongCrete?

Features of Birla A1 StrongCrete:

  1. Higher Early Strength: The higher early strength of the concrete saves the time of construction.
  2. Higher Ultimate Strength: Concrete continues to gain strength even after the initial period of casting.
  3. Faster Setting Time: Faster setting time helps in early replacement of successive layers of concrete and facilitates safe and speedy removal of formwork.
  4. Pressure Sustaining Technology (PST): Concrete made from it contains higher compressive strength and can bear higher pressures.
  5. Crack Resistant: Lower heat of hydration helps to reduce the risk of thermal cracks.
  6. Corrosion Inhibitor: It protects the rebars from the detrimental effects of nature, which helps in increase in durability of the structure.
  7. LPP bags: This cement is packed in special bags known as LPP (Laminated Polypropylene) bags which are tamper-proof to ensure no wastage during transportation and moisture-proof to keep the cement fresh.

Today's Birla-A1 StrongCrete Price

    Build your dream home with Birla A1 StrongCrete to get multiple benefits, which helps to keep your home strong and long-lasting.