Cloud-based Construction Management

      A new technological epoch has begun in the construction industry that involves the use of construction information management on cloud-based software's (CBS).

Cloud-based software's allows professionals to save diverse project information in one place and can access the details from anytime, anywhere using mobile devices. Openly we can say your office is at your fingertips if you have the internet and a phone or computer to access it.

The basic idea of CBS is that it allows for proper management and collaboration on projects between project managers, supervisors, quality control managers, office staff and field staff. There are many different types of software available on the internet; some are free, and some are paid.

Some software is mostly focused on financial control, online document storage and collaborations. Most companies prefer CBS for daily logs, photos, construction documents and time management control.

Cloud based Software Example

Rather than depending on paper print-outs, by using this software, both on-site and off-site construction professionals may be assisted in the following tasks:

  •  Client management - client communication and documentation
  •  Financial tasks - accounting, reporting and invoicing
  •  Order management - generating bids and proposals
  •  Project management - time scheduling and daily task logging
  •  Collaborative tasks like information sharing with non-collocated team
  •  Equipment and Inventory management tasks such as keeping track of stock levels

One of the most valuable aspects of using the cloud is you can seamlessly pick up where you left off. Besides being able to access your documents anytime anywhere, the one thing cloud software assures you is security. It makes it easy to acquire the document or photo you want and has a more practical use for ensuring document safety in construction.

Cloud based Software Example

Here are a few benefits and challenges explained briefly using cloud-based software in construction management:


  •  The more efficient construction process, as project information is easily accessible and to maintain.
  •  Less time spent on information exchange
  •  Better project results, as it helps avoid erroneous data submissions by eliminating double entry.
  •  Always keep financial and project data secure.
  •  Increase communication between all staff to increase efficiency and profit margins
  •  Improved collaboration on projects due to decreased uncertainty in the construction process
  •  Eliminate tracking down phantom lost work in the field
  •  Cost savings, as less software and hardware require to be maintained.


  •  The required bandwidth is maintained to permit complex data transfers.
  •  There is a risk of sharing of misinformation.
  •  Risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

     Whether your company is fully submerged in cloud-based construction management software or just starting to put your thoughts, a brief knowledge of how the cloud enhances your project is crucial to staying ahead in the future of the construction industry. We hope this article will help you understand the specific benefits of the cloud for the construction industry and your future projects.


     So, how many companies are benefitting from using cloud computing on their projects? The recent survey shows that the construction industry needs an all-inclusive cloud-based construction management program to bridge many functions that occur within a construction company. While looking at statistics, we can expect the increase in usage of cloud-based solutions in the future construction industry.

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Technically Reviewed by Rajesh Pagadala, MS, Founder & CEO - BuildersMart. Written by Vani paspula, Content Manager.