Green Leaf Brick - Made from 100% Recycled Materials

     In present circumstances, we all have to concentrate on sustainable development in every sector of our daily life. Only an innovative and creative approach can fulfil this mission. Many research studies have believed that an increase in pollution growth can only be controlled by reusing and recycling waste efficiently and effectively.

So, here comes the idea of using waste materials for making "Eco-friendly Bricks", which is one of the most primary materials for building construction. All we have to do is to shift ourselves from a traditional approach to innovative ones by adopting modern construction methods.

Green Leaf Bricks

     Green Leaf Bricks are newly manufactured fired masonry brick composed of 100% recycled waste materials. These bricks are specially designed and engineered for sustainable construction.

Green Leaf Brick

The thought of developing these bricks was to make use of waste streams with little residual commercial use, and through innovation create a masonry brick composed entirely of refuse.

Raw Materials used in the manufacturing process

     Recycled materials include recycled glass, iron oxides, industrial mining and steel-making slag, mineral railings, processed sewage wastes and other virgin ceramic scraps. The selected material is rescued from landfills, open pit mining by-products and plants refuse, and no new lands are mined to secure for use in the manufacturing process.

Green Leaf Bricks for Sustainability

     The masonry bricks are already proven as one of the longest-standing and robust building material available. Unlike other construction materials, aptly installed masonry bricks can last up to centuries.

As we know that the thermal mass is associated with brick construction, temperature swings are minimized within the structure. It helps in reducing the HVAC system required and will help save on energy costs. The large mass of the bricks also helps with soundproofing a structure.

Advantages of Green Leaf Bricks over Traditional Bricks

Durability: These bricks do not need any additional finishes as it is resistant to damage from wind and water.

Fire Protection: These bricks are non-flammable and make an exceptional fire barrier.

Acoustical Performance: Brick's hard surface reflects sound and makes it better for reducing sound transmission.

Compressive Strength: These bricks possess high compressive strength and can carry heavy loads.

Chemical Makeup: Brick's raw materials are chemically dormant, and they will not contribute to indoor air pollution.


     The accelerated increase in population and pollution, green architecture is the way forward for the new generation. There are people around the world, who are intensively studying on waste materials in their hunt, to discover new environmentally friendly materials from it. So, it's our responsibility to switch to green building materials to save nature and also ourselves.

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