What are the Types of Wooden Products & Top Wooden Brands?

Everything you need to know about Wooden Products:

Wooden products are playing a critical role from the beginning of humankind helping to improve the quality of life. They are used for the construction of shelter, firing, cooking primarily and nowadays as furniture, decorative laminates, doors, ceiling and so on.

If we take good care of wood like keeping them away from fungus, bacteria then they last forever. Wood is relatively a good heat insulator, durable and environmentally friendly only if we plant a tree, for every old tree we cut down. For construction purposes, we have a variety of composite wood products like Plywood, Laminated sheets, Blockboard, Hardboard, Fibreboard, and other products.

Types of wooden products:

Wood is of two types based on the kinds of trees used to make those.

Hardwood: It is made using deciduous trees like oak, teak, walnut, balsa, etc.

Softwood: It is made using coniferous trees like pine, spruce, redwood, etc.

As the name itself says that hardwood is harder compared to softwood but not in all cases. Hardwoods have a lovely appearance and used in making furniture, decorative woodworks, musical equipments, and Softwoods are tall and use for sheds, shelving, subflooring, planks, poles, etc.


It is made up of thin layers of wood called veneers of different thickness and glued together to get the desired product. Here, the name 'ply' refers to plywood and the most common type is 3-ply(number indicates layers used) which is strong, durable, and more decorative than plywood with more plies, recommended for interior uses. As the number of layer increases, its strength and durability increases and use for exterior purposes like roofing, where they can withstand heavy wind and damages.



A similar process of Plywood construction is used for making blockboard usually with three layers. The outer layers are thin and the inner layers are thick wood square cuts, which are glued together to form a thick piece of wood and use for decorative laminations.



A dense composite wood fibres are glued together to form this fibreboard. Generally, Medium-density fibrewood known as MDF is commonly used, which is less expensive, stronger and a good alternative to plywood. We need to handle carefully the finished product to avoid cracks and splits.



Multiple layers of composite material are applied to make them strong and durable. They are an improved version of hardwood which looks very stylish and use for flooring, countertops, tabletops and other decorative spaces.

Laminated sheets

What are the best wooden brands?

Nowadays, laminate sheets are getting widely used for decorative purposes in kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and many other places. In our website, you can buy all kinds of wooden products of various brands like Century Ply, Kitply, Archid Ply, Trojan Plywood, Mayur, Virgo, Greenply, etc.

Which brand should I buy?

Century Ply:

This is one of the oldest Plywood manufacturing companies in India. It has grabbed the top place in India, as they value customers trust, and comes with the superior quality of products with more innovation time to time. A variety of shades of products are available with them like Plywood, Blockboards, laminates, Veneers, Doors, and MDFs.

Green Ply:

It is one of the largest interior infrastructure companies in India and has the widest distribution network all over the country. They manufacture products like Plywood, Blockboards, MDF and wood floors and available under the brand names of Green Plywood, Green Floormax, Green Club Ply, and many more.

Archid Ply:

Archid Industries has been associated with Plywood manufacturing companies for more than three decades to make environment-friendly products under the brand name Archid Ply. They produce products like Plywood, Decorative Laminates, Decorative Veneers, Pre- Laminated boards, Flush doors, etc.


It is one of the growing brands in the Indian market and well-known brand in manufacturing Plywood and Blockboard. They are also having the international market in some of the Asian countries and produce products like Kitply gold, Kitply Curvy, Swastik gold, Kitply Vista, Kitply Royale, Swastik Flush doors, Kit Laminated Flush doors, Kit Natural Veneers, and Decorative Teak Veneers.

Mayur Ply:

It is one of the leading plywood manufacturing companies in India. They follow a unique way of manufacturing plywood, as they import the wood from Southeast Asian countries. They produce products with more durability like Royal plywood, Gold plywood, Flexi plywood, Mayur flush doors, Decorative Veneers, Decorative Laminates and much more.


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