Types of Tools used in Brickworks

Tools for Brickworks

The following types of tools are used in brickworks:


It is a flat metal blade has an elongated triangular shape, used for lifting and spreading mortar or cement, as well as for cutting bricks.


Pointing trowel

It is a smaller version to the brick trowel and used to add a finish to the brickworks.


They are specially designed for cutting bricks accurately. We can cut bricks cleaner and more exact with the help of this tool.


Brick hammer

It has one flat traditional face and a short or long chisel shaped blade, used for pushing the bricks in the courses and sometimes for cutting bricks.

Brick Hammer

Spirit level

It is an instrument used in bricklaying, to ensure that the courses are built horizontally.

Spirit Level

Plumb rule

It is useful for checking the verticality of brickwork while laying bricks.

Mason's square

It is an instrument, which is useful for checking right angles. With the help of this tool, we can verify the accuracy of two corners to get the standard reference of 90°.

Mason's square

Line and pins

To maintain the alignment of courses, two pins with 10 m long cord are used. It is important to keep the line without any knots in between and should be clean of mortar.


This tool is useful for pointing the joints between bricks.


It is used for holding mortar while bricklaying and also to get smoother finish of plaster to a wall.


End frames

These are used at the two corners or ends of the brick wall. They are recommended for brickwork to ensure correct alignment of courses, as they are more accurate and fitted easily to the corners.


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