Stylish LED lighting ideas for your home

Energy-efficient lighting is the most often chosen kind of lighting in today’s world. Previously, Compact Fluorescent Lights(CFLs) were used however they were improved upon and are now called Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs). LEDs are very resourceful and can be used in many applications which is why they are recommended in most homes. Here is a list of 5 types of LED lights you can use in your house.

Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are long lasting and efficient

LED light bulbs are the most commonly used lighting choice in most houses and buildings. They are easy to fix and shockproof. LED light bulbs are more practical than traditional light bulbs because they can last longer and are more energy-efficient.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling LED lights can brighten up the appearance of a room

Ceiling lights have one purpose, i.e., to light up a room and make it look visually alluring. LED ceiling lights bring out the appearance of your room and when combined with the right kind of interior decoration can make a room look stunning. Ceiling lights are suitable for all kinds of rooms.

Panel Lights

Panel lights are perfect for both commercial and residential buildings

LED Panels lights create a very bright ambience. These lights are easy to install and are perfect for offices or even at home. They are very long-lasting and require minimum maintenance. Panel lights can be combined with accessories such as shelves or dressing tables to create a transcendent kind of appearance to your room.

Lighting Strips

Lighting strips create a glowing ambience to the room

Want something different other than the conventional light bulbs used in every house? Try LED lighting strips. These lights are a combination of small LED light bulbs that are placed in series on a circuit board. LED lighting strips are also called decorative lights because they have an adhesive coating on the flip side that makes its application very convenient to use. These strip lights can be placed under cabinets and other pieces of furniture creating a glowing ambience in the room.

Parking Lights

LED parking lights can cover large outdoor spaces

LED lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. LED lights are very bright and can easily illuminate large areas like grounds, parking spaces and play areas. LED lights are also eco-friendly and are most preferred in outdoor lighting to brighten up spaces around houses and buildings.

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and consume at least 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. This ensures a substantial cost cut in electricity charges. The luminescence of LED bulbs is not affected by a change in its size or shape. Thus, LED lights have amazing design flexibility and can also be dimmed which increases their life span. LED lights also last longer and require minimum maintenance. All in all, LED lighting is fast becoming the go-to technology for both commercial and residential developers.

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