Safety equipment used in Construction

The construction industry is very vast and there are so many potential risks that can occur while a building is under construction. Workers should take preventive measures and use protective equipment as it is their first line of defence. There are several kinds of equipment that can be used to prevent exposure to certain risks and illnesses that may occur in case of an accident. Here, we have compiled together a list of gear that is a must at a construction site.

Head Gear

Protective head gear is necessary from falling objects in a construction site

Protective equipment for your head is necessary whether you are working at a construction site or not. This is a fundamental necessity since there is always a risk of objects falling from a height and this can cause consequential injury to your head. Hence, protective headgear is essential to keep workers and visitors safe from harmful risks. Protective equipment usually consists of a hard hat which shields the head from falling objects and electrical hazards.

Face and Eye Protection

Protective eyewear protects unwanted material from getting into the eyes

Construction sites usually have many activities such as grinding, welding, cutting, nailing, etc. There is always a risk of dirt or unwanted material getting into the eyes. This is why safety equipment for eyes and face should be a priority for workers. Working on a construction site can be an extremely tough job, and maximum care should be taken to ensure these sensitive parts are properly protected.

Hand Safety

Gloves protect workers from getting cuts, chemical agents and electrical hazards

Most tasks such as welding, electrical fixes, fittings, etc., require the usage of hands that is why it is crucial to keep them covered. Several types of gloves are suitable for protecting against chemicals, electrical hazards and general protection against sharp and cutting objects. Managers should stress the usage of gloves for workers in these conditions to ensure their safety.

Hearing Protection

Soundproof earmuffs provide protection against loud decibels outside of human hearing range

Most heavy equipment used in construction sites produces high levels of noise that can damage human ears, especially when exposed to for long periods. High sounds can also cause deafness in extreme cases. Hence, it is very important to use earplugs or soundproof ear muffs for protection against loud decibels of sound.

Foot Protection

Most accidents on site happen due to tripping over materials or slipping

Studies show that most accidents that occur on construction sites happen due to slipping or tripping over objects. Unreliable footwear only adds more risk to this. Workers should be made aware of the danger of heavy materials falling and must wear hard boots that are pierce-resistant and have non-slip soles.

Reflective Gear

Reflective gear increases visibility of workers on a construction site

Construction workers should wear brightly coloured garments or some form of upper body clothing that has high visibility. This is very important because reflective garments can indicate their presence from a distance which is helpful especially during the night time or during road construction where general visibility is very less.

The above-mentioned equipment certainly doesn’t cover all kinds of safety that can be implemented. Every construction site must be individually analysed to understand what kind of equipment is appropriate for protection. To conclude, safety should be taken very seriously at a construction site.

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