What is TMT Bar? Types of TMT Bars, Prices


TMT means Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical process; These TMT steel bars are generally used material in construction for enhanced protection against earthquake and another type of natural disasters. To ensure safety for your structure TMT steel bars should be resistant to corrosion which helps to obtain a longer life to your structure.

In BuildersMART, you can find different brands of TMT steel bars which are trending in the market and also in different categories.

Types of TMT Steel Bars:

There are different types of grades available in TMT steel bars, where grade implies the number of stress level used to deform it. Quality is an important factor for any product and we provide you with better quality according to your requirements. These are the types of TMT steel bars available with us.

 Fe-500 grade TMT Steel bars: Here Fe indicates the chemical representation of Iron. Due to its great bending ability and excellent resistance of dynamic loading, it was replaced with the Fe-415 grade. It is used in RCC constructions in buildings, bridges and other concrete structures.

TMT bars Example

Fe-550 grade TMT Steel bars: It has similar properties of Fe-500, but differs in the yield and tensile strength. It is used in RCC construction that is exposed to coastal, marine or underground environment.

TMT Binding Wires

TMT Binding Wire: TMT Binding wires are used to tie the rebars at the joints which helps to hold the structure pristine.


Various sizes of TMT Steel Bars & their uses:

          Everyone knows that TMT steel bars are used for the construction process. But, do you have any idea about the various sizes and their uses? If not, you can know about it today, so that it will help you tomorrow to construct in a better way.

TMT steel bars come in different diameters like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm and now some well-known TMT manufacturing companies are planning to manufacture in larger diameters.

8mm-10mm size bars are used in Slabs and Stair ups, which serves as a load bearing member in slab homes.

12mm-25mm size bars are used in Beams & Columns, to make them withstand external loads.

32mm-36mm size bars are used in the construction of very complex projects like dams, bridges.

      Based on the designs also, we go for the sizes. Sometimes, we use different sizes according to the project specifications.

 What are the best brands in TMT Steel?

In BuildersMART, you can buy TMT steel bars are of High-Quality from a variety of trusted brands like TATA TMT Steel, Vizag TMT Steel, Jindal TMT Steel, JSW TMT Steel, Simhadri TMT Steel, Mangal TMT Steel, Jai Raj TMT Steel, and Vinayak TMT Steel.

Which brand should I buy in TMT Steel?

These are the top brands available in Hyderabad India.

Vizag TMT Steel

     Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (RINL) manufactures steel under the brand name Vizag Steel, which is located in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is a very popular brand among customers for its high quality, which gives a top place for this company in India.

They provide high-quality Wire rods, TMT bars, steel rounds, steel squares, steel flats, steel angles, and channels. Vizag TMT Steel Bars Price Today



     It is one of the largest Steel manufacturing companies in India, over decades TATA Steel has maintaining its excellent benchmark in Steel Industry. It is a multinational company and has a wide range of International marketing in countries like Australia, China, UK, Netherlands etc...

TATA Steel manufactures mainly five types of steel- TATA Shaktee, TATA Tiscon, TATA Pipes, TATA Structural hollow sections and TATA Wiron. The company has been known to serve customers across many verticals including construction, automotive, packaging, consumer goods, aerospace etc... TATA TMT Steel Bars Price Today


Jindal TMT Steel

      This Company is a part of OP Jindal Group. It uses advanced technology (High yield quenching and self-tempering) for manufacturing steel. It’s maintaining a good brand value in India and other international markets. Jindal TMT Steel Bars Price Today



     It is one of the leading companies in India, which produces steel under brand name JSW Neosteel. These TMT steel bars are known for their best quality which is free from impurities and has uniform properties. JSW TMT Steel Bars Price Today


Simhadri TMT Steel

     This Company is a part of Steel Exchange India Ltd. And the steel is manufactured with a brand name Simhadri TMT. This brand is well known in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions. Simhadri TMT Steel Bars Price Today


Mangal TMT Steel

     It is a Vizag based company and is a local brand with good quality and reputation. Mangal TMT Steel Bars Price Today


Jai Raj TMT Steel

     It is one of the trusted companies in South India who has a wide range of market compared to other brands, maintaining a good relationship with customers from the last three decades. Jai Raj TMT Steel Bars Price Today


Vinayak TMT Steel

     This Company is an Indian based company located in Gujarat and the market covers all over the country, known for its commitment to quality. Vinayak TMT Steel Bars Price Today


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