Paints & Types Of Paints, Uses Of Paints, Brands etc


Things you need to know before buying paints?

        Painting is a necessary part to play while constructing a house. To make any house to look more attractive, we need to know which types of paints to be selected and what type of finishes should we use.

Wall paints help the building to get protected from environmental conditions like climate change, pollution and keep it new for a long time.

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 Types of paints:

Generally, most of the paints used water or oil as the base. Oil-based paint usually takes longer duration compared to water paints to dry. But, oil paints are more durable compared with water-based paint. So, generally, oil-based paints applied for doors, furniture, and floors whereas water-based paints are used on walls and ceiling.

     We use different types of paints for exteriors like outside walls, terrace, balconies, and for interiors like the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms etc...

Exterior wall paints:

    To make the wall paint lasts longer, we should first apply primer and then paint. For smoother walls, we can use wall putty and apply the paint after. And lastly, use a good finish for your walls with a color of your choice. Varieties of texture paints are available for exterior walls.

 Berger Weather All Guard

Interior wall paints:

    In interiors, paints are totally depending on our lifestyle, we can design however we want, which truly reflects our mood. There are separate types of paint designs available for kid’s room, bedroom, and living room.

Asianpaints Apex Ultima

Wood finishes:

These types of paints are used for coating furniture and protect it from weather conditions and to preserve its look.

Asianpaints Melamyne Gold

Metal finishes:

These are used to improve its exterior appearance, durability, surface friction and to avoid corrosion.

Berger Luxol Lustre


What are the best Paint brands?

BuildersMART makes it easy for you as it possesses a wide variety of popular brands like Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nippon paints and Nerolac Paints.

 Which brand should I buy?

Asian Paints:

This Company has become India’s leading and Asia’s third-largest paint company operating from the last 25 years over 16 countries.

     They produce all varieties of paints for different use like

For interiors- we can use Royale aspire, Royale atoms, Royale matt, Royale Shyne, Royale luxury emulsion, Royale lustre, Royale play stucco, Royale play dune, Royale play safari, Royale play special effects, Apcolite advanced emulsion, Apcolite premier emulsion, Tractor emulsion advanced, Tractor emulsion, Tractor aqua lock, and Tractor uni acrylic distemper.

For exteriors- like Ultima protek duralife, Ultima protek, Apex Ultima, Apex advanced, Apex weatherproof emulsion, Apex premium satin enamel and Ace advanced.

For wood & metal finishes- we can use Apcolite premium satin enamel, Apcolite premium gloss enamel and Apcolite advanced hi-gloss enamel.

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Berger Paints:

It is one of the fastest-growing companies in our country which holds a second place among paint companies.

    They manufacture a huge variety of products,

For interior wall coatings- Silk illusions design Metallica, Silk illusions non metallic, Silk illusions metallic, Silk illusions marble finish, Silk illusions vintage finish, Silk glamor, Silk luxury emulsion, Easy clean, Rangoli total care, Bison acrylic emulsion, Commando interior acrylic paint, and Bison temper.

For exterior wall coatings- Weathercoat long life, Weathercoat all guard, Weathercoat anti-dust, Weathercoat smooth, Walmasta, Weathercoat floor protector, Weathercoat tile protector, Weathercoat hi-build, and Weathercoat tartaruga.

For metal finishes - Luxol satin enamel, Luxol xtra super gloss enamel, Luxol high gloss enamel, Luxol lustre, Berger butterfly gp enamel.

For wood finishes- Imperia water based pu, Imperia, Woodkeeper easy clean 2k pu, Melamine finish, Woodkeeper interior, Woodkeeper exterior, Imperia epoxy block primer, Woodkeeper fill-o-dent, and Woodkeeper wood-stainer and many other products.

Nippon Paints:

This Company is the Japanese first paint manufacturing company and ranked as the number one paint manufacturer in Asia among other leading paint companies.

     They produce high-quality paints for the different type of surfaces. They have many specialty products like

For interior wall paints- Odour-less aircare, Momento, Satin glo prime, Satin glo+, Satin glo aura, Spotless nxt, Matex gold, Vinilex, Breeze, and Atom 2 in 1.

For exterior wall paints- Weatherbond pro, Weatherbond advance, Roof coating, Durafresh xpert, Sumo xtra, Samurai, Shogun, and Atom 2 in 1.

For metal & wood paints – Satin enamel, Bodelac, Cleartone, Melamic, and Wood magic and for undercoats & primers- Prime exterior, Red oxide metal primer, Primer interior, Multi-purpose solvent primer, Multi-purpose wall sealer and Wood Primer.

Nerolac Paints:

Kansai Nerolac paints limited is generally known by the name Nerolac paints company, which is Mumbai based Indian company and second largest paint manufacturing company in our country.

     We can discover a wide variety of products collection in Nerolac Paints. We can find products like

For interior paints- Impressions Eco-clean, Impressions 24 carat, Impressions metallic finish, Impressions ideas, Pearls emulsion, Pearls lustre finish, Beauty silver, Beauty gold, Beauty smooth finish, Little master, and Beauty acrylic distemper. 

For exterior paints- Excel rain guard, Excel total, Excel mica marble, Excel anti-peel, Excel tile guard, Excel everlast, Suraksha plus, Suraksha and Suraksha advanced.

For wood paints- Italian pigmented pu white glossy, Wonderwood 2k pu exterior, Wonderwood 2k pu interior, Wonderwood melamine crystal clear, Wonderwood melamine, Wonderwood clear laquer, and Wonderwood 1k pu.

For metal paints- Impressions enamel, Synthetic enamel hi-gloss, and Satin enamel smooth finish.


Which colour should I select?

A good paint makes you feel good. So, while selecting colors for different rooms, choose the color which reflects your mood. There are more than 3000 plus colors are available in the market, so select the color which indicates your lifestyle and should make you stand out.

Here are some good colour combinations:-

Living room: Mint Green + Pale Pink, Purple + Bright Yellow, Lavender + Chartreuse, Peach + Black, Electric Blue + Aquamarine.

 Electric Blue+Aquamarine example

Bedroom: Charcoal + Blunt orange, Orange + Pink, Ruby Red + Turquoise, Pale Green + Purple, Pale green + Bubblegum Pink.

Charcoal+Blunt orange example

Kitchen room: Teal + Copper, Bright Red + Bright Yellow, Purple + Red, Royal Purple + Pale Blue, Pink + Kelly Green.

Purple+Red example

Kid’s room: Orange + Green, Farrow + Ball Citron, Farrow + Ball Calamine, Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue.

Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue example


Where to buy them?

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