Ideas for Choosing Colours for Your New Home

     Picking the right colour makes all the difference to the house. But the question is, how do you even begin? Finding colours for the whole building, and thinking about whether they will go together is the most challenging part. So, doing a little research before choosing the colour might help you a lot, and you are in the right place for that.

We are here to navigate you in finding the perfect colours and how you can beautify your walls with it.

Start with Living Room

     It's a great place to start with, as it is the central room with connections to other rooms like the kitchen, dining hall, balcony etc. The easiest way to start is with the colours you love and create a definite hue in mind for a specific room.

Living Room with Dark yellow orange shade

Looking out from the bold-hued room is not a bad option, go for bold colours, and it would be easy to pick other colours.

Use the Colour Theory

     An easy way is to select from the colour wheel tool. Pick your favourite colour and move on to choose the same shades for adjacent rooms and walls. You can also use the same colour with lighter shades by mixing white paint in it. You can use primary colours like red, yellow and blue. If not use secondary colours, a combination of any of primary colours - purple and orange.

Example of Colour Wheel

Using colour tools can help to get great ideas of colour shades, and also assures that the colours will go together.

In the end, Looks Matters!

     You can transform the feel of any room in your house by adding some colours with varying shades. Here are some colour shades combinations that are popularly known-

  •  Playoff nicely with each other - Green and Red
  •  Cool colours - Blue, Green and Purple
  •  Vibrant appearance - Red, Yellow and Orange
  •  Subtle and Soothing look - same colour shades (mostly Green)
  •  Light colours - Blue, Pink, Lavender and Soft Yellow

Elegant Looks with Neutral Colours

     You must be thinking, how can neutral colours bring elegance to the walls? Neutral colours are no longer white or beige. Varying shades are also available such as almond colours, red-toned browns, rust, mahogany or garnet.

Neutral Colours in Interior Design

Neutral colour brings flexibility within a room and offers instant elegance and a feeling of richness.

Reach a Colour Consultant

     It's better to take advantage of local painting stores and go through hundreds of paint selections and brochures. Before meeting the consultant, gather all the information (from magazines, catalogues, fabric swatches) and ask him about the various colour schemes for the look you want.

Colour Consultant showcasing samples

Once you confirm your paint colour choices, bring some samples from the store to try at home.

Don't Forget to Try the Samples

      Remember, trying various shades of colours on the wall before painting is the most important in finding the perfect colour. Always sample any paint to avoid wastage or returning of stacks of paint cans to the retailers and save hours for your project. Don't forget to calculate how much paint you'll need so that you save expenses.

Paint Samples and Swatches

You don't need to spend a lot of time and money on an interior designer to design the look of your house. With a little research and an idea of your imagination can help you undoubtfully obtain the look that you desire.

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