Modular Kitchen Design Tips for your Home

     Modular kitchens not only give your home a stylish touch but also make your cooking fun and enjoyable. 

    Modular kitchen is a modern concept of a kitchen with stylish kitchen cabinets, wall units, shelves, chic basins, a dishwasher and a variety of storage capacity areas with smooth designs and extensive features.

Nowadays, people are widely interested in turning their kitchens into a modular kitchen as they require convenience and functionality. But before going for all wondrous ideas, draft everything and ensure that all the materials of your comfort should blend with the available space smoothly.

Always opt for a modular kitchen which suits your style and best fits for your home. Transform your regular kitchen into a modular kitchen with these tips.

Layout of Kitchen

     Design the layout based on the kind of space available in your kitchen area. The fundamental kitchen layouts are Straight kitchen, Gallery kitchen, L-shaped, U-shaped kitchen, Parallel kitchen and Island kitchen.

Layout of modular kitchen

The main benefit of modular kitchen is self customization options that are detachable cabinets and closets. Determine an appropriate counter height to support the modular systems and ensure to keep the counter close and easy to operate with proper height.

Choose suitable materials

     For countertops, use materials that are durable and stain-free such as glass, steel, PVC, quartz, stone and wood. Granite gives a modular look and also durable but little expensive than others.

Example of modular kitchen

Obtain traditional look with wood and budget-friendly with black limestone.

Walls and Cabinets

     To store all the primary essentials and equipment without clumsiness can obtain by installing wall units and cabinets coherently in available space. For kitchen surfaces, use mild steel that ensures heat, water and scratch-resistant.

Walls and Cabinets example

The other best option is BWR plywood that is highly prone to moisture and wet surfaces. Apart from that, you can use different cabinet materials like PVC, glass and metal.

Choose the right accessories

    Pick the right appliances to make cooking easier and comfortable. Make sure to use a dishwasher or an oven that takes up less space and build-in gadgets to add a lavish touch to your kitchen.

Essential accessories for modular kitchen

Out of all stainless steel and the porcelain sinks are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Place the sink within your reach and far from the refrigerator of minimum 20 feet distance.


     Opt for flooring that is budget-friendly, scratch-resistant and available in a wide range of colours and patterns to decide. Ceramic tile flooring is preferred more in modular kitchens compared to vinyl and laminate flooring.

Wall Tiles

     Decorate your kitchen with attractive wall tiles like ceramic tiles, which are stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Other options in wall tiles are inexpensive stainless steel. To present your kitchen look more open, use large cut wall tiles.

Wall tiles example in modular kitchen


     To make your kitchen look more roomy, select the right furniture that fits your kitchen like adding metal stools or wooden chairs.

Furniture layout in modular kitchen

If your kitchen area is large enough, then design a dining area with a set of handsome furniture to pep up your kitchen.


     Use wall decals for your modular kitchen to make more attractive and appealing. Always pick the colour that goes well with the flooring and furniture.

Background wall colours for modular kitchen

Bright shades like yellow, popping red, sunny yellow, lime green and fiery orange are trending colours right now. You can also go for red and blue to make your kitchen look chic and spacious.


     Light up your kitchen with inlaid or recessed fixtures to ensure proper light for the work area. Beautifying lights like chandeliers and lighting fixtures can also opt for the dining area. Ensure efficient lighting below counters and cabinets where you work more often.

Lighting accessories in modular kitchen

     Aside from all these tips, make sure to keep your kitchen clean and well organized. Don't forget to add accessories like vegetable or fruit paintings on wall tiles and any artwork on the tables to present your kitchen a livelier look.


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