Uses of Stainless Steel in Building Construction

     Stainless Steel is generally noted as a metallic material which has excellent corrosion resistance but expensive.

The most salient feature of stainless steel is rustproof, commonly used as landscape material for interior and exterior structural members that use stainless steel in building designs.

As a highly corrosion-resistant material, stainless steel is welded to use in the construction of buildings, in the field of chemical plants, energy-related devices, and transportation equipment etc.

To attain excellent durability in structures, widely used in applications like:

Architectural Structures

     For structural designs, stainless steel is used for columns, beams, and in general architectural structures, it is also applied to atriums, canopies, outdoor staircases, and swimming pool sheds, for aesthetic appeal.

Stainless Steel in Architecture

It is popularly used in window casements, and in building interior decorations such as railings and staircases.

Even though the cost of stainless steel is high, using those in the structural design works reduces the maintenance burden in the future.


     There are many stainless steel bridges across the world, mostly in Europe. There is a tremendous increase in using stainless steel for making bridges, which are used for long life.

Stainless Steel for Bridges

Port Steel Structures

     Stainless steel is applied to some parts of steel structures in piers, which are highly exposed to corrosive seawater through tide or seawater droplets.

Port Steel Structure


Using metal linings made of seawater resisting stainless steel provides excellent durability and maintainability compared to conventional methods of corrosion prevention like painting the steel.

River Structures

   Extensive standards for the reinforcement of stainless steel to the river constructions have been established. River structures such as dams, weirs, water gates, etc. are complicated, and they are continuously exposed to corrosive conditions, which makes difficult to inspect and replace.

Stainless Steel for River Structures

Corrosion resistance can hardly be maintained by painting, so stainless steel is the best choice to use in river structures.

Water supply systems

    The application of stainless steel for water distribution system is rapidly increasing in the usage of distribution reservoirs, elevated water tanks and in emergency water tanks too. Since maintaining stainless steel is easy compared to other types.

Stainless Steel for Water Supply Pipes


     Stainless steel is widely used as a roofing material, as it is cost-effective. It is used in two ways of roof laying - seam joints for flat roofs and as a substrate for roof gardens and batten roll in joints.

Stainless Steel for Roofing

Stainless Steel - Why, Where & How to Use?

• Earlier, in construction mostly cast iron is used because it's easy to mould it. Due to the brittle characteristics, it is replaced with carbon steel and later with stainless steel which is more durable and has higher yield strength than cast iron and carbon steel.

• The grade plays a very important role in stainless steel, so it is necessary to know for each structure what type of stainless steel should be used in which part and in what manner.

Stainless Steel for Railings

• The strength, durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel differ from one grade to other. Therefore, knowing and using the best grade is very important.

• The architects and engineers need to know the advantageous characteristics of stainless steel before application to improve the durability of the entire structure.

• The newly emerged stainless steel contains a high proportion of chromium which does not rust and discolour at standard temperatures.

• Stainless steel is available in all shapes and sizes, and will last a lifetime reducing future replacement costs.


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