Vastu Shastra - Add Perfection to your Homes

     Vastu plays a specific role in our Indian history while designing a house as everyone believes it brings wealth and health to our lives.

In Ancient times, not everyone is well educated to understand the logic behind science, to make them understand in a simple way Lord Vishwakarma introduced the concept of architecture with science in the name of 'Vastu'.

Most of the people in our country follow Vastu Shastra before building a new house. They say Vastu in construction harness nature's positive energy and bring happiness and riches in our lives.

Vastu Tips for Home

     The concept of Vastu Shastra is based on five central elements of our nature - earth, sky, water, fire and air. Balancing all these five nature elements provides a well-balanced environment and generates positive vibes in the house.

Vastu for Main Door

  • As per Vastu, Main Entrance should be in a positive place to induce good luck to the house owner.
  • If you want to locate in the north wall, then North-East direction is the best, and a window nears the north-east corner.
  • If you want to locate in the south wall, then South-East is auspicious; and along with this, a door in the North direction brings good fortune.
  • To locate the main door on the west wall, then north-west is more suitable as per Vastu.

Vastu for Living Room

     We can construct a living room in East or North directions. It is believed that a Living room in north attracts money and improves the health of the entire family.

Living room

Vastu for Kitchen

  • The ideal place for the kitchen in your home is the south-east direction, which is a favourable direction for the fire element.
  • If it is not possible in the south-east, then north-west direction also works well.
  • Other than these directions if you construct kitchen in other places, it will ruin the relationships drastically between family members.
  • Wash basins and kitchen drains should be present in the north or north-east direction inside the kitchen.
  • The grains stock or the raw materials should be in the south-west direction of the kitchen.

Kitchen Room

Vastu for Dining Area

     Dining area should not be in front of the main door. It should be in the West. If it is not possible, then north or east are the next best options.

Vastu for Pooja Room

     The best ideal location of the prayer room is the North-East part of the house. It should be on the ground floor.

If you want to keep it in the kitchen, then the north-east corner is the best.

Vastu for Bedroom

  • The place of the master bedroom should always be on the south-west part of the house. This place represents element earth, which is an ideal place to sleep for the master of the house.
  • Children's bedroom should be on the West side of the house.
  • Guest's bedroom should be on the East side of the house.
  • A person should keep his head towards South, East or West but not towards North while sleeping as it causes illness to the person.


Vastu for Bathrooms

     The best location is north or north-west part of the house, as it supports the dismissal of waste. Bathrooms should not be in south, south-east or south-west directions as it causes health and financial problems.

Vastu for Staircases

     Vastu suggests that one should climb towards South or West, and one should descend towards the East or North. Staircases should be in the south-east facing east, south-west facing west and north-west facing north.

Vastu for Water Tanks

     For Overhead water tanks, south-west or west is the best location. For Underground water tanks, north-east or north or east is a suitable location.


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